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The Fifth and Tenth Houses Spell Success Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Jupiter in the 5th house is a very favourable position for getting success in business or profession. It promises much speculation or gambling and also in love affairs. He native will certainly become rich, wealthy and prosperous. His children will also rise very high in life. The native will be intelligent, clever, witty, dexterous, and may occupy a very high position in life. But the native will suffer from stomach troubles.

Venus in the 5th denotes successful love affairs; the capacity to fully enjoy and extract the full measure of joy of life. It gives ability to entertain others and indicates success as film-actor, film-director, dramatists etc. This position of Venus makes one’s children artistic and gives them good musical ability. It also indicates that the native will be rich wealthy and prosperous in life. But he will be amorous and will lead a comfortable life. He will be learned, intelligent and will speak very well. He may be successful in trade and commerce. He annihilates his enemies. If Venus is strong, he may occupy a good position as a secretary, magistrate or a judge.

The Moon in the 5th makes the native intelligent, and witty. He will be successful in trade and commerce. He may rise to a high position in life. As the Moon is a very fluctuating planet, the native will have many changes in his business, profession or occupation. He may get fluctuations in his love affairs too. He will get good friends. The native will get a child who will have fame or notoriety.

Mercury in the 5th makes the native fickle-minded. He will change his business, profession or occupation very frequently. But the native will get a creative mind, creative talent and ready wit. If jointly posited with Jupiter or the Moon, the native may become a creative artist, novelist or scientist. The native may rise very high in life; he may become a minister, ambassador or counselor. He will have a great thirst for knowledge and love for poetry and may be humorous. He will be religious minded, he will be rich, wealthy and prosperous in life.

Saturn in the fifth is also very good sign of delayed success in life. Although there may be delay, disappointment and hindrance in his path of progress, still he will be able to rise very high in life. Saturn and Jupiter in the 5th may confer creative talent. But he may suffer for want of sons or there might be premature death of a son. The native will be honest and sincere in his work. He will follow the right path. He can’t follow underhand business.

But the native will get the most brilliant success in his business, profession or occupation if Rahu is placed in the 5th in his natal chart. As Rahu is the lord of the Asuras, his wants are unlimited. He does not remain satisfied with petty things of life. He will not follow man-made laws and he will follow his own path. He prefers secret and underhand business. So Rahu in the 5th will make the native rich, wealthy and prosperous in life. But he may not have any son or there may be premature lost of one child. Ketu in the 5th also gives similar results.

The tenth house is called `Karma Sthana’. It indicates livelihood, work, commerce, trade, business, success, rank and position, good conduct, honour, sacrifice, command, quality, wealth, wisdom, inclination and occupation. The 10th house is the house of lordship, honour, dignity and public esteem. It is rightly called as the apex of the horoscope since it denotes man’s worldly attainments. It also denotes one’s public life and popularity, his worldly achievements etc. All questions with regard to one’s worldly activities and moral responsibilities are determined with reference to this house.

The 10th house indicates one’s inclination to rise in business, profession or occupation. It also shows how he will fare in his business, profession or occupation. The houses 2nd, 6th and 10th are known as the material trinity of houses and these houses jointly indicate how he will fare in his business, profession or occupation. The 2nd house stands for self-acquisition, liquid funds, capability to earn and save and the 6th house stands for servants and subordinate staff and his behaviour with them. The 10th house has reference to the employer, superior, master in trade or profession and the Govt.

In Uttara Kalamritam, Kalidas states that all information with regard to trade, prosperity, honour from Govt., honourable living, permanence, pre-eminence, seal of authority, service, sacrifice, name and fame, morality, thigh etc., are indicated by the 10th house.

Now let me find out which planet or planets if placed in the 10th house will confer upon the native to achieve success in his business, profession or occupation.

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