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The Fifth and Tenth Houses Spell Success Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Everyone wants to know whether he will succeed in business, profession or occupation. This is a desire which creeps in everyone’s mind. Everyone wants to be a successful businessman or a successful company executive or a high Govt. official. But this can’t be true in each and every one’s case. His horoscope will indicate whether he will be successful or not.

For getting success either in business or profession the 5th and 10th houses are the two most important houses for consideration. The 5th house stands for intellect (Budhi), talent, children, belly, Vedic knowledge, Poorva-Punya Sthana (virtuous act done in past life), amusements, affections, conception, creativity (artistic and literary output), dramatic ability, inclination to express clearly, love affairs, romance, sex, investments, gambling, speculation etc.

Its key word is creativity. In the 5th house, life becomes venturesome, here romance have fun. The operational system of Laws of Chance are operated by the fifth house. It is also the house of pride and fame, or infamy where you earn the right to be proud or suffer the agony of personal defeat. Mind, Heat and output characterize the 5th house with creativity, its purpose. Creativity along all lines are indicated by this house.

The fifth house is the house of progeny. It indicates whether you will have children or not. Benefics in the fifth or the Moon in the 5th increases the number of children. Fruitful signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) on the cusp of the 5th or 11th promise children. Barren signs (Aries, Leo and Virgo) on the cusps of the 5th or 11th may deny children. The fifth house signifies the first-child, the 7th indicates the second, the 9th the third and so on.

The fifth house is called a Trine house showing `Poorva Punya’. It is thus termed as Poorva Punya Sthana or Lakshmi Sthana. It indicates what meritorious deeds you had done in your past life. What you had done in your past life, you will have to feel its consequences in this present life. What you are doing in this present life, you will have to feel its consequences in your next life. This is the Law of Karma. In the Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna has explained this very lucidly. So from this house, you will be able to know whether you will succeed in your business, profession or occupation. Benefics in the 5th denote quick success in business or profession. Malefics denote failure in business or occupation.
Alan Leo has said, “The first, fifth, and ninth houses represent the personal man in very marked degree showing his present, past, and future consciousness symbolically.”

Now let me find out which planet or planets if posited in the 5th will help the native to get success in business, profession or occupation.

Mars in the 5th house denotes very unsettled and inharmonious home life, in which discord and disputes are frequent. The native may be rash, arrogant, harsh, irritated, impulsive, hard-hearted in his behaviour. He may not have any son or he may get his children only through caesarian operation. He may incur heavy losses through rash speculation and gambling. Mars in the 5th is not good for getting success in business or profession. It is also not good for accumulation of money. The native will be a back-bite and may suffer reverses in career. It causes sickness to children or premature death of a child. There will be trouble from enemies. The native eats much and he suffers from stomach trouble.

The Sun in the 5th house denotes success in speculation and matters of enterprise, also gain through children, pleasure, society and entertainments. It is favourable for courtships and promise a successful and honourable attachment. If the Sun is afflicted in the 5th, it is very evil and it indicates much loss through speculation or enterprise and trouble in courtships through pride and jealousy. It also shows premature death or illness of a son, devoid of wealth; not very long lived. But the native will be intelligent and learned. He will be courageous and vanquishes his enemies but he may suffer from stomach ailments.

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