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The Importance of the Tenth House Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

5. When the 10th lord occupies the 5th house it makes the native slow and steady in everything. The native’s mother will be very shrewd and she will control her family very well. The native will be very straight forward and he will not be willing to deviate from the path of righteousness even under extreme contingencies and circumstances. He will prefer to steady life to use money for pump and show.

6. When the 6th house is occupied by the 10th lord and if the 10th lord happens to be the native himself, will be able to win over his colleagues, friends and subordinates easily and he will be able to win the heart of his boss through hard work. He will be fearless and he will be frank in the expression of his opinion no matter others like it or not. If the 6th house happens to be a friendly one in relation to the ascendant lord then the native becomes a senior government servant like IAS officer etc.

But if the 10th lord happens to be a natural malefic namely Surja, Mars or Sani and it occupies the 6th house the native will suffer, throughout his life time due to machinations of debts, diseases and enemy acts. He will be hard hearted and he will not hesitate to do any cruel act for the sake of achieving his objects. He will be deeply involved in seditions matters and he will not adhere to any principles of discipline. He will gate crash every where even if he is insulated by anyone. But his health will be very good and he will not easily become susceptible to loathsome diseases. His or her faithfulness to the spouse will be a big question mark.

7. The 10th in the 7th house is considered the best aspect in as much as it gives the native a devoted wife and lucky children. His wife will be very sensible and will never permit him deviate from the path of righteousness. The native will get good legacy from his parents-in-law. He should not, however, cross the borders of his State except on very auspicious days. There is an exception to this for Mithuna lagna.

8. The occupation of the 10th lord of the 8th house is considered one of the worst positions. It make the native a liar, cruel, secretive, adventurous and always interested in mischief. He will enjoy others sufferings and he will try to take advantage of others misfortune. He will not live long. He will open his mouth either for telling lie or for eating. He will unhesitatingly commit any heinous act and he will hide himself behind a scape goat. He will suffer humiliation even in foreign countries.

9. The position of the 10th lord in 9th house is considered the best. The native will become highly religious, intelligent and progressive and he will make rapid progress in his profession and business. He will build up good reputation and earn huge wealth through profession as well as business. He will have many sources of income. He will however be charitable and he will institute stipends and bursaries in memory of his parents.

10. The presence of the 10th lord in the 10th house is considered the best situation except for Saturn and for Kanya lagna. The native will maintain dignity and decorum always and he will not normally deviate from the path of righteousness. He will do any sacrifice for the sake of his mother’s happiness and he will maintain the fair name of the family at all costs. He will not normally stoop low for the sake of earning money. He will be eloquent in speech well-informed and witty. He will be respected by the polished society.

11. The 10th lord occupying the 11th house is considered equally the best. It makes the native extremely rich, wealthy, self-willed and built up good, high moral fiber. The native will live long and he will be helpful to all including the suffering and the poor. He will maintain self-respect at all costs.

12. If the 10th lord happens to be a natural benefic planet and occupies the 12th house the native will live in foreign countries for long time and earn huge money. He will take keen interest in every work or task he undertakes and he will possess high degree of endurance and perseverance. He will not misguide anybody. But he will be frank, outspoken and curt. He will be very strong, bodily and he will be capable of taking any hot news coldly. But if the 10th lord happens to be a strong malefic or very weak benefic or is defeated in interplanetary war, then the native will no doubt become very rich and prosperous but  he may have to discard his relatives unhesitatingly for the sake of personal success.

These are some of the important indications of the 10th lord occupying different houses.

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