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Next 15 Days - My Quick take and the Areas to be Careful!

These are general trends based on transit. Good and bad in case you are struggling in these areas will depend upon your chart BUT the areas will be important in the space of action for the next 15 days.

Tendency towards thinking of partnerships in business and also managing relationships. Falling in love and proposing. Saying your feelings-having that urge.
Marriage-be a little careful in dealing with proposals. It is time to be diplomatic and try to balance things. Extend this in existing relationships where you are dealing with an issues/crisis.
Do not quit - balance it out.
Good time for property purchase and out of box activities in respect to home front. Do not trade with domestic peace and do not do any adventure that can spoil your peace at home.

On the professional front it may be good for those in strategy and research. It will generally be a trying time where you will be tested. May be you need to bend than quit is my advice.

Luck is only for those who make great efforts.

Please do not get into litigations or any activity that may attract wrath, anger or tensions. Try to maintain good relations with parents & those having issues please HOLD your actions/thoughts. Those dealing with Government or looking for favour need to be careful. Try to give - that will be the best-charity of any kind. Evaluate investments and look at papers/documents closely.

Communications - anything important - do not be rash please.

Main struggles would be BETWEEN self & relationships/partnerships AND between domestic issues and profession.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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