The Business Horoscope Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

The Guru (Jupiter) is regarded as the indicator of God’s grace and His kindness. It gives facility to one’s efforts; it makes them more productive and fruitful. The Guru (Jupiter) provides God’s protection against failure, disappointments and disgrace. It ensures help from the unexpected quarters at the right time. A weak Guru (Jupiter), therefore, is a colossal loss and a very disastrous disqualification and the person concerned will do well to avoid business career. The Guru (Jupiter) should at least be normal in strength in the horoscope for the person represented to be successful in an independent career.

The 10th house from the Lagna and the 10th house from the Chandra (Moon) are the significators of the occupation in the general sense. The strong 10th house indicates that the person concerned will pursue the occupation he/she is designed for at the right moment and the opportune time and the he/she will make the nest of his/her occupation and life.

The normal 10th house shows that the person concerned will start the career with occupation he/she is not designed for and that he/she will switch over to the correct occupation for which he/she is designed for after some time but not after it is very late and in the end the loss thus incurred is made good to a great extent.

The weak 10th house shows that the occupation the person concerned will follow will be the wrong one; the occupation pursued will be one for which the person concerned is not designed for. And there are possibilities for the person to miss the chances to switch over at all to the right occupation and be deprived of the benefits which the right type of occupation bestows and confers. This eventuality. However, can be avoided by seeking and following the advice of the Astrologer at the right time. The advice of the Astrologer if followed sincerely at the right time can put the person concerned on the right track and can also make him/her develop the will power to fight the adversity.

The four planetary significators of the occupational activities, i.e., the Surya (Sun), the Buddha (Mercury), the Shani (Saturn) and the Guru (Jupiter) must be normally placed at least in the horoscope in order to make it represent a person who is designed for an independent occupation or a business career. But even the presence of these four planetary significators of the occupational activities normally placed in the horoscope does not finally and positively lead us to the conclusion that the person concerned is designed for an independent occupation and a business career. The horoscope to represent a person designed for a business career must fulfill other conditions and conform to specific planetary patterns besides satisfying the conditions and conform to specific planetary patterns besides satisfying the conditions laid down above. We shall now discuss, consider and examine the other conditions the horoscope in question should fulfill and the specific planetary patterns it should confirm in order to represent a person who is positively and decidedly designed for an independent occupation and a business career.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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