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The Business Horoscope Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

The Buddha (Mercury) we shall discuss next. The Buddha (Mercury) is one of the natural insignificators of the occupation; the weak Buddha (Mercury) deprives the person concerned the mental sense and discretion which direct and guide the efforts. The misdirected energies fail to achieve the aims and hit the target; the time and efforts are wasted. The weak Buddha (Mercury) shows the absence of the capacity to plan, scheme and organize, the approach to problems is unpractical; the thinking is unrealistic; the calculations are faulty; the judgments are incorrect; the intelligence is below normal and second-rate and consequently the execution of the plans is defective. Once in difficulty the person concerned fails to find his way out s he is not bubbing with ideas, a gift which a good and strong Buddha (Mercury) confers. Such a person cannot be independent; he must depend upon others for his existence.

A weak Buddha (Mercury) in concurrence with some other factors sometimes makes one lose one’s bonafide; the person concerned becomes malicious and vicious; his thinking is destructive and his means of livelihood are questionable and sometime even illegal; he is cunning, crooked and completely undependable. The Buddha (Mercury) weak in a horoscope, thus, is a disqualification for the horoscope in question and the same cannot represent a person who is designed for an independent occupation or a business career. The horoscope to represent a person designed for an independent occupation should have the Buddha (Mercury) which is at least normal, i.e., neither weak nor strong. Conversely, however, it does not mean and imply that every horoscope having the strong Buddha (Mercury) should positively and conclusively indicate a person who is designed for a business career.

The Shani (Saturn) we have reached. On of the Natural insignificators of occupation the Shani (Saturn) when weak indicates a full quota of disappointments and delays on the one hand and the absence of patience and guts to face defeat and frustration on the other hand. The capacity to fight a losing battle is missing. The person represented by a horoscope having a weak Shani (Saturn) is pessimistic and depressed mentally. The pessimistic way of thinking makes the person concerned inactive. The weak Shani (Saturn) makes one mean; he is always on the lookout to make profits from the efforts of others and to deprive the deserving person of his well and hard earned gains. Thus a weak Shani (Saturn) disqualifies a horoscope and it is not to represent a person designed for an independent occupation. Conversely, however, it does not mean that each and every horoscope having a strong Shani (Saturn) necessarily and positively indicates an independent occupation for the person it represents. Once again it brings us face to face with the most peculiar characteristic of this most interesting and instructive science of Astrology. One factor alone does not decide anything positively; it is the concurrence of various factors which makes us arrive at a positive conclusion.

The Guru (Jupiter) is also a natural significator of occupation among the Planets and we proceed to measure its impact on the horoscope in order to assess its capacity regarding the occupational activities of the person concerned. The Guru (Jupiter) is the last but not the least important of the significators of the occupation. It is on the other hand the most important and the most decisive of the planetary significators of the occupation. The Guru (Jupiter) represents the credentials to one’s bonafide and these credentials are very dependable. The Guru (Jupiter) among other things indicates sincerity and straight forwardness; fair, frank and honest is the person whose horoscope is dominated by the Guru (Jupiter). The craze for money at any cost is absent. The means to the ends to be achieved are more important.

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