The Business Horoscope Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

We have enumerated the various factors which collectively determine one’s occupation and we have discussed exhaustively the ways and means to measure their strength.

Next we shall proceed to fix the various standards of strength these factors should possess and the various combinations and patterns these factors should observe in order to enable us to pinpoint the divisions of the occupational activities the person concerned is designed for.

The Lagna and the Chandra-lagna are the first in our list which we shall discuss and for which we shall fix the standard of strength. The weak Lagna and the weak Chandra-lagna are major disqualifications for the horoscope to indicate a person designed for an independent occupation or a business career. They indicate the absence from the character some very vital characteristics which go a long way to make a businessman. The will and capacity to asset and exert oneself, the urge to exist independently and the capability to make one’s presence and existence felt in one’s sphere and field of activity are the indispensable attributes of the personality of a businessman and both the Lagna and the Chandra-lagna if weak reveal a person whose character lacks these qualities; if one of them is weak and the other is strong the deficiency of the one is fully compensated and made up by the vitality of the other. We shall conclude that the Lagna and the Chandra-lagna should at least be normal in strength for the horoscope to indicate that the person concerned is designed for an independent occupation or a business career. Normal means neither strong nor weak. The Lagna and the Chandra-lagna should be neither weak nor strong.

At this juncture it may be remarked that if the weak Lagna and the Chandra-lagna are major disqualifications for the horoscope to point to an independent occupation even a strong Lagna and a strong Chandra-lagna alone do no make the horoscope represent decisively a person designed for an independent occupation if other factors in the required strength are not present in the horoscope to enforce and confirm this view; in other words we may state that a horoscope having a strong Lagna and a strong Chandra-lagna do not positively and unmistakably represent a person designed for an independent occupation or a business career unless the horoscope in question has other specified factors also in the desired form, shape and strength. Even at the risk of repetition we would like to assert and repeat again and again that in Astrology one consideration alone does not lead us anywhere.

The next in importance in our list is the Surya (Sun). A weak Surya (Sun) is another important consideration which diminishes considerably the chances for the horoscope to represent a person designed for the independent occupation or a business career. A weak Surya (Sun) means inadequate energy, poor stamina and vitality and these are the motive powers in the human beings which set them at work and keep them in motion not only physically but mentally also. A weak Surya (Sun) means a weak human engine having insufficient energy and capacity to put in efforts. People having a weak Surya (Sun) are unable to exert themselves continuously at a stretch; they are unfit for hard labour and manual work. Least active and energetic they cannot face an uphill task; they cannot carve out a new field, strike a new line and locate and spot pastures a new. They are not independent by nature and ambitious by temperament. They follow the path of least resistance and they are willing to depend upon others, move in a groove, avoid responsibilities, handle a fixed type of work daily and serve the more active, energetic, ambitious, alert and independent people who are labeled as the business people. Thus we conclude the Surya (Sun) should at least be normal in strength, i.e., neither weak nor strong in the horoscope of a person designed for an independent occupation or a business career. Conversely it may be remarked again that a strong Surya (Sun) alone in the horoscope or that every horoscope having a strong Surya (Sun) alone does not always represent a person definitely for an independent career. 

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