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Results of Bhadra (Maha Purusha) Yoga

Dr. Shanker Adawal        
In general, the results said to be conferred by this Maha Purusha Yoga are as follows:-

The native will have a prominent chest, looks like a lion and walks like an elephant. His hands will be long and he is generally of very good morale and conduct. He possesses lovely feet. He is passionate and a Satwika. His nose will be prominent,  hair black and his ability to handle situations will be superb. He is loved by his own people and he shares  his happiness with friends. He will enjoy a happy married life and conjugal bliss and will be blessed with faithful children. He will be commanding influence if he takes the profession or service in the area of Madhya Pradesh and generally lives a full term. He will be  neat and clean. He will be praised and respected by learned people and he becomes very rich, shrewd and a leader. He will be impressive in his speech and he will mobilize the minds of the public easily.

The native born with Bhadrayoga will become charitable and independent in views and he will be liked by females. His face resembles that of a tiger. His way of walking and its style are as dignified as that of an elephant.

All the three humours viz; Vaata, Pitta and Sleshma will be predominant in his system. He will be an expert in expounding the sacred scriptures. He will be courageous and will be devoted to Brahmins, saints, preceptors mentors and God. He will be of somewhat dark complexion, skilled in fine arts, will be longlived and will be intent on doing his own business.

For Mithuna Lagna: The Yoga is formed when Budha occupies the lagna or the 4th house Kanya, his place of exaltation. The lagna being a windy (tatwa) Rasi and Budha being an earthy planet, the placement is not good. No doubt he gets high Dig Bala but  he is not at his best. Kanya is the sign of his exaltation and belongs to Prithvi Tatwa. When Budha is in the 4th Bhava he confers wisdom. The native born in Mithunaq lagna with Budha in Kanya will be proficient in Vedanta and mathematics. The conjunction of Budha with Sani in Kanya is good for Mithun Rasi as it would be the conjunction of the lords of Kendra and Kona. But some books discount such conjunction as Sani is essentially the eighth lord first and then the ninth lord. Such people will be full of confidence fond of daring deeds, tactful, clever, alert, foresighted and much interested in material comforts. There will be high degree of selfishness as well. The native will be tactful, well educated, smart and intelligent. He will be a good orator commanding respect. While in Mithuna Budha confers education, riches, Tapasya, sweet speech, good personality, devotion to Swadharma and a bit of vain glory. Budha represents Vignana or Science and literary talents.

For Kanya Lagna: Budha confers Yoga by occupying the ascendant or the 10th house. When the Yoga is formed in the ascendant it makes the  native righteous in conduct, free from fear and, adhering to Dharma or one’s own religious ordinance. Such native become writers or poets. They respect friends and they are of charitable disposition and good oratory abilities. Budha in 10th house assures success in life, makes one intelligent and confers all material comforts. Such people are respected for their charitable disposition.

For Dhanu Lagna: Budha confers Bhadra Yoga while in the 7th or in the 10th sign. While in the 7th house Mercury no doubt confers reputation, respect, nobleness, cheerful disposition, righteous conduct ministership, riches and learning in Vedic lore but he spoils the significance of the 7th house to some extent. Budha in Kanya makes people born in Sagittarius enjoy the benefits of Poorva Punya. Such people command good respect and reasonably good wealth. They get good success in all attempts and they are diplomatic and tactful.

For Meena Lagna: Budha in the 4th or the 7th house confers this Yoga. Such native are successful in life and they respect religion and ancient customs and traditions. They are devoted to God and preceptors. But they often prove obstinate and selfish. They possess good personality and they make friends of all very soon. They also enjoy all comforts and protection from parents.
Budha in the 7th house generally confers high efficiency in fine arts. But people born in Pisces ascendant with Mercury in the 7th house do not shine well. They become avaricious, jealous and disappointed in love affairs.

These are but a few indications of Bhadra Yoga.

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