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Mahayogas II Bhadra (Maha Purusha) Yoga in Astrology

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

The Yoga is caused by Budha occupying his own or exaltation sign which are quadrants (Kendra) from lagna. It is note-worthy that the signs owned by Budha (Mercury) are placed next to those of the Sun and the Moon – two luminaries. This shows the intimate contact of Mercury with the two princely planets. This Yoga manifests on only those who are born in Common/Dwiswabhava rasis or signs. Of all the seven planets, Budha alone gets exalted in his own sign. He belongs to Prithvi tatwa (Earth-element) and his exaltation place, Kanya (Virgo) too belongs to this group. He represents “speech” of Kala purusha (the time personified).

This Maha Purusha Yoga manifests only to those born in Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanur and Meena. For Dhanur lagna, Budha in the 7th house becomes a first rate baadhaka even though he confers Maha Purusha Yoga. Similarly Budha becomes a first rate Baadhaka while occupying Virgo (Kanya), its own house. He sometimes becomes a Maraka or a death-inflicting planet, for these two ascendants.

The term Budha means one who is intelligent. The word is derived from the root, “Budha” – to understand. The planet governs intelligence as his name implies. Any type of education – be it scientific or philosophical – must necessarily have and enjoy the full support from this planet. A man who is quick-witted or who is of erratic behaviour is said to be Mercurian in character.

Sharpness of intellect is bestowed by strongly placed Mercury. A dull-witted person is governed by a badly placed or weak Budha.

Mercury indicates one’s temperament, intelligence, presence of mind and argumentative nature. The superiority of human beings over all other living beings is attributable to the force of the intellect generated or governed by Budha. Moon governs one’s mind. Intellect is the product of one’s active mind and its powers. Budha is known as the son of the moon. Budha is also fond of fun. He influences mainly brain and nerves and endows fertility of thinking power and thought, eloquence of speech, sensible arguments and intelligent conversation. But Budha makes the native somewhat reserved.

Strong Budha in a horoscope makes a native capable of learning many subjects. Such native can judge people at a glance and assess correctly the moods of people, the depth of truth and the ability of one’s mental pursuits. Those who have weak Mercury think pervertedly.

Budha invariably learns towards the nature of the planet with whom he is related by conjunction or aspect. Therefore, the effect of Budha as a rule gets modified mutates-mutandis. He is responsible for speech, governs bile and wind and makes one rational. Tongue, nose, bronchitis, bowels, skin, nerves and mental stability complaints are all governed by Budha.

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