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Validity of Raja Yogas in Vedic Astrology Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 2

The Rashmi calculation is as follows: from the planets’ longitude the debilitation points are to  be deducted. It is to be deducted from 12 if the planet is posited more than six Rasis (180 degree) away and if the planet is posited within six Rasis, the same amass are to be retained. Further the amass are to be made into Kalas (minutes) and divided by 1800; the remainder is the planet’s Rashmis. From these Rashmis, 12 is to be deducted  if the planet is posited in an inimical sign; for neecha sign and combust planets, 16 is to be deducted. But if Mercury and Venus are combust, no deduction is to be made. For retrograde planets Rashmis are to be doubled and for acceleration one-eighth is to be deduced:-

Rashmis Position

25 Honourable King

30 Mighty King

32 Ruler of 500 gramas

33 Ruler of 1,000 gramas

34 Ruler of 30,000 gramas

35 Ruler of a district

36 Ruler of one lakh nagaras

41 Ruler of a country

41-43 Ruler of a continent

Let us see the validity of Rashmis. In Nehru’s horoscope Mars is about 11 degree 45’ from which cannot be deducted Mars’ neechamsa 28 degree and also from 12 because Mars in Virgo is within six signs. Nehru was called the leader of Asia. Lala Bahadur Shastri, with Leo ascendant and Rajayogakaraka Mars made him the ruler of a country. Mrs. Indira Gandhi with Cancer ascendant and Rajayogakaraka Mars eabled her to rule the country.

As far as Vargottama is concerned, Mahatma Gandhi had Libra Vargottama ascendant with Jupiter, Venus and Saturn posited in their own Navamsa. So, Gandhiji became world famous. Nehru’s Cancer Vargottama ascendant and the Moon gave a remarkable strength to the nativity. Lal Banadur Shastri also had Vargottama Leo ascendant, Smt. Indira Gandhi has Cancer Vargottama ascendant, and the Moon in Taurus in Navamsa, Mars Vargottama, Mercury also Vargottama, Saturn in Libra in Navamsa. There is thus a great accession of strength to the planet, in justification of the truth of the astrological theories. In spite of trouble, opposition and burden Mrs. Gandhi has political craftsmanship and continues to rule the country.

The 9th House: Bhagyasthan is an important house to be considered because without Bhagya (fortune or luck) nothing is worthwhile. With the 9th house and its lord well placed and aspected, fortune comes to a person. The 9th house from the ascendant and the Moon is considered on the strength and position of its lord. According to the position of the lord of the 9th, Bhagya is assessed. If the 9th is aspected by benefics, or if benefics are posited in the 9th, that occasions Raja Yoga. If the Sun aspects Jupiter in the 9th, it produces king or minister. There are many such aspects which give Raja Yogas. Without a good position of the lord of the 9th Raja Yoga can not materialize. So, the lord of the 9th and this very house must be strong either because of aspect or position of the planets.

Power of Planets: The Sun and the Moon are king; Jupiter and Venus are ministers, Mercury is prince; Mars is Senapati (General) and Saturn is a Doota (messenger and proletariat). Of the seven planets, the Sun and the Moon are political and Rajayogakaraka planets, and their influence is superior to that of other planets. In natural strength, Mars is superior to Saturn, Mercury is superior to Mars, Jupiter is Superior to Mercury, Venus is superior to Jupiter, the moon is superior to Venus and the Sun is superior to the Moon. In a planetary fight, the Sun defeats Saturn; Saturn defeats Mars; Mars defeats Jupiter; Jupiter defeats the Moon; the Moon defeats Venus; Venus defeats Mercury, and Mercury defeats the Moon. In all these respects, it is seen that the Sun is supreme.

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