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Rationale of Adhi Yoga Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 2

Similarly, there is to our knowledge no sanction for the statement made by the learned contributor that a karaka posited in the 12th from the karaka house becomes powerful. There is an extraordinary statement to make. Jupiter karaka or significator of the 9th placed (in the 12th from the 9th) in the 8th, on the other hand, definitely becomes weak, since any house and lord if situated in the Trik houses (6th, 8th and 12th) does harm to the significators. This is obviously possible only on the basis of the planet coming to the Trik houses losing strength. For Jupiter’s position in the 8th house – the author of Phaladeepika says:

Deeno jeevato sarvya kalashabag deerghayurijye ashtame.

That is, when Jupiter is in the 8th in any horoscope, the native becomes poor, lives by service, is sinful, but lives long (the 8th house gets benefited, while the traits of Jupiter as karaka for wealth, dignity and morality suffer). The traits of Jupiter suffer because of the weakness of Jupiter in the 8th house.

In female nativities, Jupiter is karaka or significator of the husband. Will his position in the 6th house be conducive to the health and longevity of the husband on the plea that Jupiter, being placed in the 12th from the 7th, the karaka house of the husband, shall be considered as strong and as such conducive to the longevity etc., of the husband? I am afraid not. On the other hand, such a position will weaken Jupiter and would create rift between husband and wife in addition to subtracting the longevity of the husband, since one of the main factors relevant to the consideration of longevity of the husband, viz., Jupiter, would be adversely placed not merely from the house of the partner (12th from it) but also from the Lagna (6th from it).

A similar question may be raised in regard to Mars. Mars is karaka or significator for younger brothers, i.e., for the 3rd house. Will occupation, by Mars, of the 2nd house, i.e., the 12th from his karaka house be conducive to the strength of Mars? The answer is a definite no, as Mars in the 2nd house is useless according to the authority of Jatakabharana already cited.

The reader might intervene at this stage and ask what about Jupiter, Karaka for 5th (sons) (Placed in the 12th from the 5th), in the 4th house or what about Jupiter, karaka for the 11th (elder brothers) placed in the 10th house, i.e., 12th from the 11th? In such cases, it would be seen that the 4th and 10th houses are Kendra houses. Jupiter in these two cases would get strength, no doubt, but not because of his position (12th from karaka) but because of his position in a Kendra.

In the case of Mercury placed in the 7th from the Moon in Chandradhi Yoga, how can the theory of benefics placed in bad houses being conducive to the occupied houses,  be applied as the 7th house has nowhere been classified in general as a bad house for any planet to occupy, except of course for purposes of health and disease as a maraca house. But then we must not forget that the context, i.e., Chandradhi Yoga, is not relative to disease but to affluence and power as is quite evident from the fact that the good results accruing from Chandradhi Yoga relate to such items of power and affluence as kingship, ministership and generalship.

Assuming, however, for argument’s sake, that the 7th house is a bad house, what we could say at least for Mercury’s position (7th from the Moon) is that Mercury, a malefic planet, owning in the natural horoscope two bad houses, viz., the 3rd and the 6th, destroys the bad qualities of the 3rd and 6th houses and thereby generates good. But even in that event, all texts require (and logic also demands) that the evil planet in an evil house in order to give bad results for the 3rd and the 6th houses, should be devoid of benefic influence. But what is the actual position of Mercury in the type of Chandradhi Yoga considered by the learned contributor? Mercury is aspected by the strong benefic Moon, for the Moon must be considered as strong in Paksha Bala – his main source of strength, as he would be very much away from the Sun, being very much away from Mercury and Venus in whose vicinity the Sun always remains. Apart from the Moon’s benefic influence on Mercury, he has Subhakartari or the surrounding benefic influence of Jupiter and Venus. How can, therefore, Mercury harm the prospects of the 3rd and the 6th (poverty and debts) or harm the prospects of the 7th house – life partner etc.? On the other hand, it would be legitimate and logical to assume that by virtue of the strong and good position of Mercury as lord of two evil houses he would enhance the evil effects of these houses and would, therefore, be instrumental in bringing about poverty – a strange finale to Chandradhi Yoga indeed!

Hence it is quite clear that the excellent results rightly attributed to Chandradhi Yoga by Maharishi Parasara and other celebrated authors do not arise as a result of some change being introduced in the 6th, the 7th or the 8th from the Moon.

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