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Profession and Artha Trikonas Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

In these days of space voyage, man still needs the four `Purusharthas’, or human ends as indicated in our Sastras for his life and enjoyment. They are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. As the topic is `Determination of Profession’ automatically the `Artha ‘ (meaning wealth) one comes to play.

Astrologically, 1, 5, 9 houses are connected to Dharma, 2, 6, 10 to wealth (Artha), 3, 7, 11 to Kama and 4, 8, 12 to Moksha. We shall confine to 2, 6, 10 houses only for determination of profession. Incidentally, it is pertinent to point out that 2, 6, 10 houses form a Trine themselves. It is of great significance to note this point so that further understanding is easy.

Majority of us work for wages and obtain a status in life. The status in life and their various gradations are termed as Yogas, Raja Yogas, Ava Yogas etc. including Darida Yogas etc.

How these trines play their part in determination of profession, let us analyse. 2nd house stands for body, Netra (eyes), Vak (speech), Dhanam (wealth) family (kutumba) and so on.

Healthy body, good looking eyes (free from defects), good speech, good family background with moderate wealth are very essential for worldly life. Further to earn our wealth through salary and other means, the above are very essential.

In modern parlance in aptitude test for jobs, good physique, clear eyes, good command of speech all come into play. How beautifully 2nd is linked with job as the preliminary stage in earning the wealth.

Take the 6th house now. The 6th house stands for service (working under somebody with rules and regulations to be complied with) competition, anxiety, inimical activities, tiredness exhaustion, debts, sickness of the body, trouble from enemies, untimely meal and so on.
All those who had experience of service would have definitely felt all those above things in various degrees.

In management terms, competition, working for the desired targets, anxieties, rivalry connected with the above, hypertension, finally sickness, all are there for an individual serving in any organization. 6th house aptly proves the proverb, “no pains, no gains.”

Let us see the 10th house. 10th house stands for success, name and fame, status. The power to command others, government titles, and honours in profession, nature of profession etc.
In materialistic world of today, a man is judged by his status. It is known as “Padavi” in Sanskrit. That is why while writing the horoscope, the Sloka, is always written by learned pundits of astrology.

“Janani Janma soukhyanam,

Vardhani Kula Sampadam,

Padavi Poorva Punyanam,

Likhyathe Janma Pathrika”

It has a significance or importance. The present Janma’s 6th house corresponds to previous birth’s 10th house. Automatically the present Janma’s 5th house corresponds to previous birth’s 10th house, or Dharmasthana. Dharma and Karma are inter-related. In simplest term, they are known as thought and action. Seed of action is thought. As per the seed only, the harvest or fruit.

Our Sastras stress the need for any Karma or action based on Dharma or right path. With corruption in all walks of life, the statement holds good as a Beacon of life. The great apostle of truth Mahatma Gandhi used to always stress the point, the “means” are more important to achieve an object.

How beautifully the 6th house is connected to Poorva Punya or 5th house. Based on the same logic, the present Janma’s 10th house is the past birth’s 2nd house or house of wealth, and present Janma’s 2nd house is previous birth’s 6th house. How nicely are houses 2, 6, 10 inter-linked: it is a divine order so to say.

Let us proceed further. In astrology, every house has “Shatru Sthana” or detrimental house or inimical house”.

For 2nd – Shatru Sthana is 7th                                    

For 2nd – Shatru Sthana is 11th

For 10th – Shatru Sthana is 3rd.

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