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Houses of Prosperity Part 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 5

The 9th lord is minister while the 5th lord is special adviser. Their relationship makes a native king – mutual aspect, combination and exchange of signs. If triangular lords are combined with any one of the seven evil house lords, the native becomes king if born in royal family. Maharishi Parasara brings out two new principles – relationship between angular and triangular lords brings Rajayoga is the previous exposition; now he mentions that the relationship between two triangular lords can also bring out kings. The second principle brings out an exception to the Parasari principle that lords of seven evil houses getting relationship with Yogakarakas becomes Yoganasakas. Relationship with the 5th and 9th lords can convert lords of evil houses but the effect of Rajayoga becomes modified; relationship between the 5th and 9th lords can make an ordinary man king, while relationship between the 5th and 9th lords combined with one of the seven evil house lords can make a man born in royal family only king. In Chapter 36 of Poorvakhanda, Maharishi has directly mentioned the conversion as under:-

Panchamesena yuktasya grahasya subhada Dasa

Tatha dharmapa yuktasya Dasa parama sobhana.

Dasa of any planet – even malefic – related to the 5th or 9th lord gives benefic results.

Shashtasya saptamasya eka nayako manarasiga

Dasa tasya subha gnyeya tatha tena yutasya cha

Eko dwisaptamasthana nayako yadi saukhyoga

Tena yukta Dasa gnyeya subha prahu manishina.

Dasa of one lord of the 6th and 7th houses in occupation of the 10th house or related to the 10th lord brings benefic results. Dasa of one lord of the 2nd and the 7th in occupation of the 4th house or related to the 4th lord gives benefic result. The first case relates to Leo-Ascendant while the second case refers to Aries and Libra Ascendants. The point for emphasis is that relationship with the 4th or 10th lord or house can convert even malefic into benefics.

Sukheso manabhavastha manesa sukharasiga

Tayo Dasa subham prahu jyotisastravida jana

If the 4th and 10th lords exchange signs, the result is Ishtayoga not Rajayoga. It should be noted that relationship between two triangular lords brings Rajayoga but relationship between two angular lords cannot go so far – they bring benefic yoga of happiness. Again, the four fold planetary relationship is applicable for triangular lords for the purpose – only best planetary relationship of exchange of signs can bring Ishtayoga for angulr lords.

Lagna karmesa bhagyesa tungastha subhayogata

Sarvatkarsha mahaishrajya samarayadi mahatphalam

Evam tattad bhavadayaphalam yat syat vichintayet.

The highest Rajayoga effects – great prosperity, empires, all round happiness – come out of exalted Ascendant lord, the 9th lord and the 10th lord in relationship.

I have tried to expose misconception about calculation of Upachaya houses. All the three available edition of Brihat Hora have given the correct Parasari Sloka but the translation has overlooked the real pointer. There is absolute necessity for research in Parasari astrology because Parasari literature is meager and there is no annotated edition bringing out the elucidation of Parasari principles with a critical eye. There are so many Laghu Parasaris in the market but they have spread more confusion than any other source.

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