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Operation of Raja Yoga Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 3

Chart No. 2.- Female born on 6-0-1918 at 2-5 p.m. at Kolar.

Here is the horoscope (Chart No. 2) of a lady who was married at the age of 2 without any pretences in life. She has been put to severe struggles in bringing up her family, sacrificing both material and physical comforts. We see some combinations here also. The Sun and Mercury are vargottamas. There is exchange of houses between the lords of the 9th and the 10th.

The native had Saturn Dasa from 16-8-1946 to 1965. Saturn is lord of Lagna and the 2nd. Though in the 8th sign, he is in the 7th Bhava. From Chandra-Lagna he is lord of Lagna and the 12th. Saturn gave her all material comforts, but dealt here a big-blow by snatching away a grown-up son from the family. The native at present is having Mercury Das from 16-8-1965. Mercury is lord of the 9th and is in the 10th with the 8th lord Sun, who though debilitated  has neechabhanga (cancellation of debilitation). Venus  has exchanged his house resulting in Neechabhanga Raja Yoga. So naturally the results due to Mercury will be slow.

Balance of Rahu Dasa: 11 years and 10 months.

If the Houses involved are the 10th or the 11th or the 9th, a powerful Raja Yoga is said to be formed. The results will be wealth, fame and affluence. We find several blue-paints to this otherwise powerful combination. The first affliction is due to the disposition of the Sun lord of the 8th. Though  he is debilitated he has neechabhanga. The 6th lord Mercury is aspected by 3rd & 12th lord Jupiter. The implication will  be opposition, reverses and disappointments in respect of good efforts. But Mercury is not sterile as such. From Chandra-Lagna Mercury gets fortified considerably. He is lord of the 5th and has a exchanged his house with Yogakaraka Venus. He is aspected by Jupiter lord of the 2nd and the 11th. Moreover, Mercury has exchanged his constellation with inimical Mars who is lord of the 10th and the 3rd from Chandra-Lagna. Thus from Chandra-Lagna Mercury is more dignified. The first three years of Mercury Dasa will pass off without much significance. But with advent of second part of Venus Bhukti in Mercury Dasa, possibly after 1970 October, the native will receive the blessings of the Yoga in the form of wealth, expansion of her ambitions and foreign tours. Mercury the planet of air-travel is in a chararasi and is lord of the 9th and is in the 10th. This indicates that she will undertake foreign tours and will be invited to spread her knowledge of the art she is pursuing. The native will enjoy the Yogas fully in the second half of Mercury Dasa particularly after 1973 April/May.

Chart No. 3- Born on 21-5-1940 at 7-50 a.m. at Bangalore.

Balance of Jupiter Dasa: 1 year, 7 months and 6 days.

This is the chart of a young man born in an aristocratic family. The native have been having Mercury Dasa since 1960 November.

Mercury as lord of Lagna is in the 12th aspected by the 2nd lord Moon from the 6th house. The Moon is debilitated but he has neechabhanga. The native started his career by taking jobs on meager salaries. The disposition started his career by taking jobs on meager salaries. The disposition of Lagnadhipati accounts for it. But with the advent of Venus Bhukti’s second part, the native is fairly well off.

From Chandra-Lagna we shall study the position of Mercury.  Mercury is lord of the 8th and the 11th, the house of financial gains. He is in the 7th, the house of business with the Sun the 10th lord aspected by the Moon the 9th lord. Thus we find that from Chandra-Lagna Mercury is excellently disposed. The above combinations result in a series of Raja Yogas indicating affluence, prosperity and acquisition of vehicles.

The above results will be realized in the second half of Mercury Das to start after October/November, 1969. The debilitation of Mercury in amsa indicates slow progress in all attempts. Since Mercury is inherently strong from Chandra-Langa the debilitation effects get neutralized. More so, because he has caused Adhi Yoga. Thus Mercury from Chandra-Lagna is considerably fortified.

We can see another combination. Lord of the 9th Saturn and lord of the 10th Jupiter have caused a Raja Yoga in the 11th, the house of financial gains. Though Saturn is neecha, he has neechabhanga. It has been found that people who have neechabhanga Yoga will prosper well financially.

But the native has spent both his Jupiter and Saturn Dasas in his childhood. We shall have to see whether the fruits of their Bhuktis will be enjoyed during other Dasas. Kethu Dasa will operate from 1977 onwards. Kethu is to give the results of Jupiter. From Chandra-Lagna Jupiter is rendered highly significant as lord of the 2nd and the 5th with the 4th lord in the 6th resulting in Adhi-Yoga. So from the second half of the Mercury Dasa to end of Kethu Dasa, the native will have full prosperity.

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