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Operation of Raja Yoga Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 2

From a horoscope, it may not be possible to delineate the native of his birth whether  he will be born in poor or rich or royal families. This is evident from Brihat Jataka which says when dealing with Raja Yogas that if the Yogas are effective, a man born in poverty will become a king and a person born in rich families will become an emperor. The above proposition makes it clear that it is difficult to predict the nature of the family in which a person takes his birth. Now we shall take a few horoscopes and see how far these Yogas are effective in the light of the Dasas the natives may enjoy.

Chart No. :- Born on 8-8-1912 at 7-25 p.m., at Bangalore.
Balance of Mars Dasa: 6 years, 2 months and day.

may be noted:- Three kendras or angles are occupied. Unless Jupiter is 13 degree 20’ to 16 degree 40’ in Scorpio it can not be Vargottama, Mercury is Vargottama. The Moon is not only exalted but is having digbala or directional strength by virtue of his disposition in the 4th house.

Chatussagara Yoga is present, which is said to be formed when all the Kendrasa are occupied. Here three kendras are occupied. The Yoga can be said to be 80% present. Saturn, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are responsible for the Yoga. The Moon is fortified considerably though he has no akshabala, for the simple reason that  he is exalted and is having digbala. Since the native is not likely to enjoy the Moon’s Dasa; nothing can arise out of it. But this disposition accounts for the native’s shrewdness, intellectual ability and high power of understanding. Jupiter has not only caused the above Yoga but he has formed Gaja-Kesari also. Further Jupiter is in the 10th which is the most ideal position. Jupiter Dasa operated from 9-10-1936 to 9-10-1952. When Jupiter Dasa began the native had started from the scratch but before the Dasa concluded, he had established and organization employing several people and built himself up into an institution. Further Jupiter is lord of finances and gains. He acquired a fine house and vehicles.

Saturn’s Dasa will end by about 1971. He is lord of Lagna aspected by Jupiter. From Chandra Lagna (natal Moon) he is highly fortified since  he is a Yogakaraka and is aspected by the 11th lord Jupiter from the 7th house. The native has been the recipient of the blessings of this Yoga in the form of his being visited by, audience, Cabinet Ministers, high dignitaries, etc.; honour in foreign countries and world-wide recognition and influence.

From 1971, the native will have Mercury Dasa. Mercury is lord of the 5th and is vargottama. He is with the 10th lord Mars and yogakaraka Venus and is disposed in the 7th house. We find here the ample influences of trinal and angular lords generating several Raja Yogas. From Chandra-Lagna Mercury is lord of the 2nd and the 5th and is in the 4th with Venus lord of Chandra-Lagna and Mars lord of the 7th. From Chandra-Lagna also he is equally well placed. The Yogas are quite powerful. So throughout the duration of Mercury Dasa operating for 17 years, the native will enjoy its fruits in the form of trips abroad, contacts with personalities of the world, acquisition of posh vehicles, etc. Note Mercury is karaka for air-travels. Venus is karaka for sea voyage. So during this period the native will undertake frequent air and sea travels. Perhaps Mercury Dasa will take him to the pinnacle of glory in profession, finance and fame.

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