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Houses of Prosperity Part 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 4

The second principle is to the effect that when the Ascendant lord is in an Upachaya house from the Moon, benefics occupy angles as well as benefic Navamsas and malefic are weak, the native will be as powerful as Indira Gandhi. The situation boils down to three benefics as well as Ascendant lords in angles, leaving aside the vague position of the Moon while the malefic are weak.

The third principle is to the effect that when the Ascendant lord is in an Upachaya, the Moon occupies the 9th house and benefics occupy angles with Varga excellence, the native will be a king.

As the 9th house is an Upachaya house, there is some confusion – otherwise Ascendant lord in Upachaya and benefics other than the Moon in the 1st or the 7th with Varga excellence are surely productive of benefic effect. Vaidyanatha Pandit cannot be blamed for the incorrect principle as he was also a compiler of astrological principles like Varaha Mihira.

The four Upachaya houses are really benefic and Parasari Rajayogas are based on the same. The famous Parasari Slokas in this regard are reproduced below for the information of the readers:-

Lakshmisthanam trikonam cha vishnusthanam cha kendrakam
Tayo sambhandha matrena rajyogadikam bhavet.

The triangles (the 5th and 9th houses) are places where Lakshmi or goddess of wealth is attracted while the angles (the 1st, the 4th, the 7th and the 10th houses) are abodes of Vishnu, god of preservation of life. Relationship between angles and triangles brings Rajayoga. It will be observed that the 7th house creeps in but Parasara has already mentioned that the 7th house is evil and the 7th lord spoils the significances of the house occupied by him. The 7th lord has been condemned outright in Bhavaphala and he has also been considered as Yoganasaka on getting related to Yogakaraka. It may be doubted as to whether Maharishi Parasara is really contradicting  his own enunciation. It may be asserted that Maharishi Parasara is never contradictory in his statements. When the 7th lord is one of the Yogakarakas, there is no objection for the fulfillment of Rajayoga. Parasari international Rajayoga coming out of relationship between lords of the 6th and 7th houses is the best illustration; religious leadership like Ramakrishna and Vivekananda, super potentates like Alexander and Akbar, great thinkers like Karl Marx and Havelock Ellis and world figures like Gandhi and Nehru fit into the picture.

Panchamam navamam chaiva visesham dhanam ucchate

Chaturtham Dasaman chaiva visesham sukham ucchate.

The triangles are be towers of special wealth (i.e. lakshimisthanam mentioned above) while the 4th and 10th houses bring special happiness (i.e., vishnusthanam mentioned above). In usual astrological parlance, the 2nd and 11th houses are considered Dhanasthanas or houses of wealth – the 2nd house brings in unearned wealth while the 11th house suggest wealth got by one’s own efforts. The 5th and 9th house bring in special wealth – children, Mantra Siddhi, kingdom, high education, etc., pilgrimage, charity, etc., bring in the punya of the 9th house. The 4th house brings in happiness of a sweet hem life under the fostering care of mother, while the 10th house brings in happiness and joy of your highest activity in this life.

The best advancement in life requires not only wealth but also happiness. The native having wealth and happiness are subject to Rajayoga.

Tapasthanadhipa mantra mantradhisa vivesata

Ubhava anyonya samdristau jataschet iha rajyavak

Yatra kutrapi samyuktau tau vapi samasaptamau

Rajavamshotbhava balo raja bhavati nischitam.

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