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Houses of Prosperity Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

(i) Varaha Mihir’s Upachaya Yoga, as given in Sloka 9 of Chapter 13 of Brihat Jataka, brings four benefics in Upachaya (from the Ascendant) or three benefics in Upachaya (from the Moon) resulting in making the native wealthy and landlord. Leaving aside, the calculation from the Ascendant or the Moon, benefics in angles and triangles are producers of good results – Varaha Mihira has given a narrow view in relation to effects; wealth and happiness coming out of various sources should be the result (Venkatesh Sharma or Diavagya, in Jataka Yogavali, has given all comprehensive good effects of the Upachaya Yoga). We cannot blame Varaha Mihira because Brihat Jataka is the earliest compilation of various astrological principles which he could gather at his time. In the context of Upachaya in the real sense, we can readily understand Varaha Mihira in Sloka 1 of Chapter 4 – the Moon in an Apachaya house brings monthly menstruation of women. If the Moon is in an Upachaya house, aspected by a benefic, the woman lovingly unites with a male.

(ii) Gargi dictum repeated in Rudra’s commentary on orasastra and quoted by Pandit Ojha, to the effect that Upachaya ceases to be Upachaya (house of prosperity) if Upachaya houses are aspected by natural malefics or enemies of these house lords makes sense.

(iii) Kalidasa in Uttarakalamrita, has mentioned in Sloka 24 of Chapter 4 that benefics arer beneficial in occupation of angles, the 2nd, the 3rd, the 5th, the 9th, the 11th and even the 6th while malefic are benefic in Upachaya. In other words, Kalidasa means to say that benefics as well as malefic are good in Upachaya houses. Maharishi Parasara has mentioned thus:

Chatyora rasayo vipra Kendra kona subhavya
Tesam samyoga matrena asubhopi subha bhavet.

Two angles – the 4th and the 10th houses – and triangles are benefic. Even malefics in occupation of these signs become converted into benefics.

(iv) Mantreswara, in Sloka 6 of Chapter 4 of Phaladeepika, mentions that the 1st house becomes as powerful as the Ascendant lord if the Ascendnat lord occupies an Upachaya house. When the Ascendant lord is in an angle of happiness or a triangle of wealth, he is powerfully benefic and his ownership sign or house becomes productive of benefic significance relating to the house.

(v) In Sloka 55 of Chapter 1 of Jataka Parijata, Vaidyanatha Pandit has taken the usual 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses from the Ascendant as Upachaya houses and the remaining eight houses aas Apachaya houses or houses of suffering. But he has also mentioned that Apachayas cease to be Apachayas or houses of suffering if these houses are occupied by their own lords or Mercury, Venus or Jupiter but unoccupied and unaspected by other planets. House lords in their own houses are good. Benefics in occupation of evil houses try to bring out their good significances. Incidentally, it may be mentioned that Satyacharya has opined that benefics in all houses except Dusthanas give good effects while malefic in such a situation give bad effects – the position is reversed in the case of Dusthanas; malefic give good effects while benefics give bad effects. In reality, benefics bring out good significance of houses while malefic give out bad significances of houses – The 6th house is an exception; it has no good effects. The benefics lessen the bad significances of the 6th house while malefic intensify the bad significances.

(vi) Vaidyanatha Pandit, in Chapter 7 of Jataka Parijata has given three principles about birth of kings. The first principle is to the effect that if all benefics are in Upachayas and the malefic are in the 1st or the 10th, the native will be a cruel king, defeating numerous enemies. As the 10th house is one of the Apachayas, the rule should apply to all benefics in Apachayas and malefic in the 1st house.

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