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About Finance Part 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 5

The 10th house is Taurus. It is ruled by Venus. No planet occupies Taurus. Therefore consider Venus and planets occupying Venus star – Bharani, Poorvapalguni and Poorvashada are the three stars under the reign of Venus.

Moon and Ketu were in the Star Bharani: Saturn was in Poorvapalguni. No planet was in Poorvashada star. Hence Saturn, Moon and Ketu are under the sway of Venus and whatever Venus is to offer, they will be given even during the periods of Moon, Ketu and Saturn.

Moon indicates changes, transfers and life in a far-off place. Ketu shows a thorough change. Saturn offers responsible position.

Venus owns two houses, Taurus and Libra. Taurus is the 10th house. As Venus owns it, find out whether Rahu or Ketu occupies either Taurus or Libra. Then the node is stronger than Venus. As Rahu was in Libra, at the time of your birth, Rahu will prove to be fortunate. Actually, you had a good life on 15th July 1959, when Rahu Bhukti, Rahu Anthara was operating: Swathi was the Nakshatra on that day.

Jupiter, the chief governor for finance, is conjoined with Venus. Jupiter will be favourable to you. As it was in Ketu’s star Makam, and Ketu was in the 9th house, during Jupiter sub period, you will be transferred to the north-east; you will be taken to the administrative department and will become very popular. Actually, you were transferred to the administrative head office, in a town north-east of the place where you were, and you became popular. The officials the colleagues and all those with whom you have to come in contact, will speak highly of you for your straightforward, honest and fair dealings. Integrity and sincerity stand to your credit.

Thus it will be the strongest benefic;

(a) Rahu is the strongest benefic;

(b) Mercury gives you good opportunity to show you talent during inspection;

(c) Mars adds authority and power;

(d) Venus bestows on you social and financial success;

(e) Sun offers you a permanent position under the Government;

(f) Jupiter increases your income, changes the residence, and office and improves your status. It gives you service in the Revenue Department.

(g) Moon indicates fortune in a foreign place, and so on.

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