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About Finance Part 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 4

This journey will come during Rahu Dasa Mercury Bhukti as Rahu was in the 3rd house, in its own star and in the sub of Moon-a watery planet-owning 12th house (life in a foreign place): Rahu also receives aspect from Moon. You will surely go overseas in connection with your profession on 28-6-1966. At that time as per transit, Sun will be in Gemini ruled by Mercury, in Arudhra star governed by Rahu and in the sub of Mercury; Jupiter also will be transiting in the same position and conjoined with Sun: (The General rule is that a person has his desires fulfilled when Jupiter transits in the sign owned by Dasanatha. But the editor has found that Jupiter, Sun, Moon and the significators will transit in the stars governed by both Dasanatha and Bhuktinatha. This finding is 100% correct. Students are requested to flow this method and scholars may investigate, do research and confirm this finding. It is true in all cases. On various occasions, to find out the time of event, our sages have suggested to note the time when the significator, e.g., Venus or Sun or Jupiter transits in a sign owned by Dasanatha. The sign is the Solar mansion. The Nakshatra in the Lunar mansion. The editor’s finding is that the time of event comes correctly only when the significator is in the constellation, i.e., Nakshatra or Lunar mansion, belonging to either Dasanatha or Bhuktinatha or Antranatha.

Saturn, as lord of 6, in the ascendant in the sign owned by Sun, in the constellation of lord of 10 Venus and in the sub of Rahu who is an agent of Venus, indicates that you will be holding a position of trust and that you have to keep secrets. You will work in a department where the official matters are to be kept in strict confidence and should not be disclosed. Therefore, during the period of Saturn, you will be entrusted with such a work. You may be asked to unearth some facts which were unaccounted, but possessed by the parties. Saturn was in the constellation of Venus, lord of 10, you will be crowned with success in your efforts. Not only will you be able to do your job most satisfactorily, but it will also be recognized and you will have an outstanding confidential report during Saturn’s sub periods. When you were running Rahu Dasa Jupiter Bhukti Saturn Anthara in May 1962, you come to this department. Saturn Bhukti commenced on 13-6-1964. Thereafter, you had been doing such a work and it is sure that you will be establishing a good name.

(Generally 10th house is termed as Karmasthana: it includes doing the last rites to father and mother, to do religious functions, Yagnas, etc., and to work and make money. That is why, those who enjoy promotion during the period of lord of 10, also lose either of the elders. 10th house is the second to the 9th denoting father and the seventh to the 4th indicating mother. 2 and 7 are Maraka Sthanas. Hence death of either of the parents and promotion in service come together. It is worthy of note that your father passed away immediately after Saturn Bhukti started, as it was in the constellation of lord of 10. Since 9th house indicates father, and your birth was in Leo, Aries is the 9th house and Saturn is the Bhadhaga Sthanadhipathi to Aries. Hence, Saturn affected the longevity of your father, on 27-6-64 on Saturday in Uthrashada star when Moon transited in Saturn’s sign and in the constellation of the chief governor for father – Sun. Also Saturn transited in Sathabhisha star in Saturn’s sign and Rahu’s star. When you are running Rahu Dasa Saturn Bhukti, you will realize those results which are indicated by the planets in your birth-chart, when they transit in the star of Rahu in Saturn’s sign, i.e. Sathabhisha. This is an important ruling of the editor. If the Bhukti is ruled by Mercury, the significator is to transit in Mercury’s sign and Rahu’s star Arudhra; if the sub period is ruled by Venus, the significators have to transit in Rahu’s star Swathi in Venus sign-Libra).

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