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Determination of Financial Prospects

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Today the most important factor in the material world is wealth. The old adage, “health is wealth” has been replaced by the new one “wealth is health”.

The estimated Editor in his How to Judge a Horoscope, Part I, has given a new method for determining one’s financial prospects. I have tried this method on a good number of horoscope and have found it of yield satisfactory results.

The Editor has given the following Kalas (rays) to the seven planets:

The Sun 30 Kalas.

The Moon 16 Kalas.

Mars 6 Kalas.

Mercury 8 Kalas.

Jupiter 10 Kalas.

Venus 12 Kalas.

Saturn 1 Kalas.

In his own words: “Take the lords of the 9th from Lagna (Ascendant) and the Moon: and the root numbers of these planets. Divide the total by 2. The remainder, counted from Chandra Lagna (the Moon sign or radical Moon) goes under the name of special Chandra Lagna which for purposes of convenience we shall term as Dhana Lagna. If a number of benefics occupy Dhana Lagna the person will earn immense wealth. If there is only one benefic unaspected by other benefics or malefic, even then the subject becomes highly rich. If Dhana Lagna is occupied by pure malefic such as the Sun, Mars or Saturn, the person will have moderate wealth. If the malefic planet is in exaltation, the wealth will merely be not moderate in the beginning, but considerable later on it life. If the Dhana Lagna has a benefic and a malefic then also the person will be able to command a lot of wealth. The same rule applies in the case of aspects. Planets situated in this Dhana Lagna or aspecting it or situated in angles or trines from it will also give wealth in the course of their Dasas or Bhuktis, while those situated in the 3rd, the 6th, the 8th or the 12th from this special Dhana Lagna will destroy wealth and give unnecessary expenses and losses.”

Let us now test the validity of the above methods by applying them to some horoscopes.

Chart No. 1: Born on 21-5-1940 at 7-50 a.m. (I.S.T.) at Bangalore.

In Chart No. 1 the 9th from Lagna is Aquarius and from Chandra Lagna the 9th falls in Cancer. The lords of these houses are Saturn and the Moon respectively. Adding the kalas of Moon & Saturn i.e. 16 & 1, we get 17 divided by 2 we get 1 as reminder. Counting 1 from Chandra Lagna it self gives, Scorpio. Scorpio occupied by debilitated Moon should have given him moderate wealth, but the Dhan lagna i.e. Scorpio is being aspected by Sun, Mercury & Ketu. He started business in Mercury. Dasa Ketu Bhukti. That was the stepping stone to his career and now he is well-off in life. Ketu Dasa starting from 3-12-1977 will bring him much wealth and luck.

The Dhana Lagna in Chart No. 2 falls in Taurus. Note Mars situated powerfully in the Dhana Lagna (being the 9th from Lagna) in association with the exalted Moon. But the Moon does not possess full strength as he happen to be a week Moon. A pure malefic Saturn is aspecting the Dhana Lagna from the 3rd. These are indicative of wealth in Saturn Dasa which started from 8-12-1950 brought him sudden wealth and rise in profession even though there were some negative vibrations in the domestic sphere. Now he is running Mercury Dasa-Mercury Bhukti which has given him immense wealth. Mark the aspect of Saturn on Mercury who is in the 9th from the Dhana Lagna.

 Chart No. 3 is the horoscope of a person on whom goddess of Poverty has smiled abundantly (vide page 417 Notable Horoscopes by Dr. B. V. Raman). Dhana Lagna falls in Aries. The worst malefic Saturn occupies this place and hence gets debilitated. Together with this he is afflicted considerably. The combined aspect of the 3rd lord and the 12th lord together with Ketu has further spoilt the Dhana Lagna. Readers may well judge for themselves the financial position of the native having such a Dhana Lagna. These combinations are not good for finance and the native does not seem to have any luck, whatever the Dasa is.

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