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About Finance Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

(Always take the Bhava – (house) and not the signs to find out results as each house signifies certain matters).

No planet is in the second, or the 6th, or the 10th house. But Fortuna is in the 10th sign and 9th Bhava.
As Fortuna gives fortune to one in the period of the lord of the sign in which it was posited, and as it represents the lord of the sign, Fortuna is to give the results of Venus who rules the meridian, the 10th Cusp. Fortuna was 9degree6’ in Taurus. So according to Krishnamurthi Paddhathi, Fortuna was in Venus sign, Taurus, and in the constellation of Sun and sub of Venus. Therefore during the conjoined periods and sub periods of Sun and Venus, you will be fortune. (Actually you took up service only in Sun Dasa, Venus Bhukti).

Mercury rules the second house. Its stars are Ashlesha, Jyestha and Revathi. Sun alone was in Ashlesha star. Sun in Cancer, in the 12th house in Mercury’s star, indicates that you will have security of service, permanency, mostly service under Government in a place, far away from your native place. It is in a movable sign. Therefore, there will be change in the department and in the nature of work during the periods and sub periods of Sun. From one institution to another, you will be transferred with lien in the previous department or completely severing connection with the previous job. Also, Sun indicates that it will end your educational career and offer official life. (Why? 4th house is for regular course of study when one is to attend the class, hear the lectures and sit for examination. 9th house is for PhD,: Higher education, etc. For people born in Cancer-Kataka, 4th house is Libra-Thulam: so the duration of study and the end of the college course is to be judged by taking Libra as the Lagna for education. It is known that Bhadhakasthana Adhipathi and Maraka Sthana Adhipathi end the life; so also, they end one’s study: Bhadhakasthana to Libra, a movable sign is the 11th sign, i.e. Leo – Its lord is Sun: Ashtamadhipathi is Venus and Maraka Sthanadhipathi is Mars. Ketu in Mars sign is stronger than Venus. Hence, Sun, Ketu and Rahu are evil for one’s College course. Actually, the native attended the College till the Sun Dasa, Ketu Bhukti, Rahu Anthara, appeared for B. Com and failed).

During Sun Dasa, Venus Bhukti, Jupiter Anthara in the end of December 1941, when Sun transited in Poorvashada star (governed by Venus in Jupiter’s sign) you joined a Bank.

Sun who also causes changes, on 1-5-1942 during Sun Dasa, Venus Bhukti, Ketu Anthara, you went to Rajkot: during Mercury sub in Ketu Anthara on 6-5-42 you joined the International Bank.

Again during Moon Dasa, Mars Bhukti, Sun Anthara, you left service in the Bank and joined Government service in the Revenue Department.

During Moon Dasa, Sun Bhukti you were promoted as Class I Officer with a change in the place.

Thus Sun had been uniformly doing good to you, in service.

Again, when you run Rahu Dasa, Sun Bhukti, Jupiter Anthara, in the middle of March 1974, you can expect a higher rank with confidence. There will be increase in income and improvement in status.

Let us take the 6th house. As Leo is the ascendant, 6th house is Capricorn. Its lord is Saturn. Pushyam, Anuradha and Uthrapadrapadha are the three stars governed by Saturn. Mercury is the only planet occupying Pushya. Hence, Mercury indicates that:

(a) You will be inspecting the accounts submitted by others or carrying out the instructions of other officials;

(b) as it is in a movable sign, there will be transfer and changes;

(c) as the sub occupied by it, is ruled by Mercury, there is no modification in its results.

(d) Mercury will give you long journey including overseas; and

(e) You may have to serve in International trade or foreign exchange or in exports and imports.

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