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About Finance Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

It is noticed that while persons get multifarious money with struggle or good luck, they maintain sufficient balance for the future. Due to ill fate, demise all of a sudden terminate the longevity of the person. The person who will inherit they may be honest or dishonest. If he is honest, he may utilize the entire money in good means left by his ancestor. Misuse of money may take place by means of race, enjoyment, drinks etc. If the planets are afflicted in the Rasi chart of the native. In practical life, it is observed that man/woman is always crazy for having more money, but in fact when man/woman comes to this universe, neither he/she is coming with money nor he/she is leaving the world with the money. But as long as they will survive in the world they will be behind money. So for survival monetary support is required as much as the reason may be in need.

Due to evil planetary effect in the place of Finance, person may be induced to earn money by means of malefic means. If any aspect of benevolent planet is noticed, the malefic influence of the planet posited therein can be removed or minimized according to its strength. Sometimes, in spite of having huge money person can not get the scope to enjoy the same due to multifarious reasons. So, in fine, it may be pointed out that luck is also a vital factor both for having monetary benefit and financial enjoyment in the routine life.

Born on Saturday at 7-20 A.M. L.M.T. on 7-8-1920 at 22degree0’ North and 73degree16’ East.

Ascertain whether Lagna is stronger or the Moon sign, as the stronger of the two is to be taken as the first house and then alone, one is to examine the horoscope for various matters.

The Ascendant is in Leo and in Lagna Bhava (i.e. First house) Saturn is posited. So it is weak. But when we take Moon sign, it is Aries, and Ketu is in close conjunction with Moon. It is weaker still.

When a doubt arises, find out on which day and in which star the birth took place. As they are the ruling planet, they will strengthen either Lagna or Moon sign by occupying the Lagna or conjoined with Moon or by aspecting either the ascendant or the Moon sign.

(a) Saturn, lord of Saturday- the day of birth is a ruling planet. It is Lagna and confirms that the native is a Saturnian.

Mars, lord of the Moon sign, Aries, aspects Aries and strengthens the Moon sign.

When again there is a doubt, without any hesitation, consider the ruling planets at the time of the query “whether Lagna is strong or Moon sign is strong” is taken for consideration.

The editor has taken this chart on 20-8-1964 for offering prediction. The star at the time was Utharashada and the day was Thursday. Hence Jupiter, Saturn and Sun were the ruling planets. Jupiter ruled the day, Sun governed the star and Saturn owned the Rasi.

Mars has nothing to do with this time. Hence, one is to reject the moon sign under the reign of Mars, but consider the Lagna Leo is the stronger of the two.

Finance. Second house indicates bank position and self-acquisition.

Six house denotes one’s personal exertion, labour, work and thereby earning money.

Tenth house shows one’s profession either in service or in independent business as well as one’s inheritance.

Sun is the chief governor for profession. Jupiter indicates that bank position: Fortuna portrays how one will be fortunate.

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