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About Finance Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Common prognostication provides the fundamental conception that if anybody is interested to survive comfortably in daily life financial development is essential. Unless and until one person is having ready money or hard cash with him, he can not have a sound plan for maintenance in normal routine life. Of course, nobody will expect an absurd type of financial stability. From the practical viewpoint, it is no longer possible to expect beyond limitation. That is to say, a beggar will desire to have the normal requirement according to his capability whereas a poor will expect as much he requires to maintain. On the other hand, a middle class family member will think how to maintain the family with good capacity whereas a rich man will not consider it survive in the same status or level. The more he will get the more he will want. This is the actual motive of a rich man will not will consider it survive in the same status or level. The more he will get the more he will want. This is the actual motive of a rich man or the person who is bankering for making money in sound position. In answer to these dogmatic purviews, there are multifarious points to append. It is possible in practical life to get more money if you think to have so? Answer is very simple; no. It may be positive if it can be accepted in the imaginary world. That is, if anybody builds castles in the air, his case is different. In enlightenment on this point on the basis of astrological base may be accepted for consideration of financial development. Right now, the conception of Narendra Nath Dutta (latter on became Swami Vivekananda) can be borne in mind. While he thought that he will ask for money to the Goddess Kali, he could not do so. Param purusha Ramakrishna convinced Swamiji and diverted his mind. According to Ramakrishna convinced Swamiji and diverted his mind. According to Ramakrishna money is soil; soil is money. That means both the things to same capacity. Anyway, barring this thought mankind required money for their survival in the universe.

In fact is a common issue to think of money just after getting up early in the morning you may be escaped if you are sound in finance. Particularly, from the universal standpoint, Indian public are poor or from middle class family. Those who are quite well established due to good remuneration, can chalk out before hand for their expenditure day to day to avoid trouble.

With a light touch of occult science, it may be pointed out that financial problem can be detected and solved with proper planetary calculation. General finance is discussed in second house from Rasi/Lagna as per conception of Western, and Indian thinkers of Astrology. Debaguru Brihaspati or Jupiter is the dhanabhava karka. So location of Jupiter in natal chart can not easily create any distress condition. Location of the planet in 2nd house and the positional strength of 2nd house lord may be assessed to have accuracy. According to traditional and western astrology, devaguru Brihaspati or Jupiter is dhanabhava karaka or lord of finance and financial development for the native. It will take place only when Jupiter, or 2nd house lord or the posited planet in 2nd house period run, in vimshottri Dasa system. Western astrological schools are of the opinion that movement of Saturn and Jupiter in a Rasi chart is to be observed for getting benevolent and malefic effect as the case may be. It is a fundamental point to realize that money is essential for every family for their survival in well condition. If a man/woman earns any amount right now, he/she will always have an effort to get well remuneration for their betterment and future perspective. Earned money is realized from eleventh house from Rasi/Lagna. Like 2nd house (general finance), 11th house lord position of planets in eleventh house. It is mentioned in old texts and authentic books that the planet whoever may be posited in 11th house will give money at any cost. Meanwhile it is cited that the vimshottari main/sub/sub-sub period will not be good because of research made by pundits and erudite persons of old days.

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