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Independent Business or Avocation Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Here one has to determine the strength of the Dasa lord and its Antardasa lord as well or ascending the magnitude or the volume of profit and loss since these increase or decrease in proportion to the benefic strength of these.

In so doing one should also keep in mind the strength and the importance of the house of profession. Here is the horoscope of a person who is doing independent business. This is a typical horoscope which is very potential. In this horoscope the basic data are as follows:

Date of Birth
143.87 degree
Time of Birth
22-10 hrs
27.85 degree
Plae of Birth
77 degree E/11 degreeN
173.43 degree
48.95 degree
171.95 degree
150.72 degree
296.63 degree
122.85 degree
344.83 degree
 23 degree4’32”
10th house
311.12 degree
Balance Dasa at Birth
(Vim) Ketu – 6.1.12

Krishna Trayodasi



In this horoscope the 12th house is occupied by the 11th lord Guru and the 7th house, by its own lord Mangal. The 2nd lord is in the 4th house exchanging house with Surya. The 10th lord is in the 5th house but it is essentially the 9th lord also. The lord of the ascendant is debilitated. The 4th lord is in the 5th  house which is considered to be very good. The 11th lord also happens to be the 8th lord.

The native is now running Chandra Dasa (4th lord in the 5th) Rahu Antardasa. Rahu is in the 9th house i.e. 12th from the 10th. Shani is transiting the 7th house upto 3.12.87 causing obstruction and delay. He is the 10th lord in this case. The 7th lord is transiting in the 8th house (2nd from the 7th) on an unusual stay for 6 months. The 11th lord Guru is transiting the 10th house now upto 16.2.87.

First of all let us determine his profession.

Since the 10th place from the Navamsa Lagna is owned by Guru who is in its own Navamsa the  native is likely to be successful if he deals in electronic goods, billion, medicines and edible items. He is presently doing business in partnership with his father and brother, in coir, mats, beds, rubber or foam articles etc. He wanted to know the possibility of his success in bullion and gold ornaments.

We must decide, in the first instance whether the line of business will suit this native or not. Then the proper time. Thirdly the constitution of the firm. Lastly its name, stationery (colour of letter paper) etc.
As mentioned earlier the 10th lord is Sani. The 10th house is aspected by Chandra and Budha (note this). The 7th lord, Mangal is reasonably strong. The 11th lord is in the 12th house, house of loss. He has Ruchaka Yoga. Now since the 10th house is aspected by the 2nd and the 3rd lords and the 7th lord, he can start new business in his wife’s name and run it himself. He will be very successful during the periods of Guru, Sani, Budha and Shukra in Chandra Dasa. Now let us examine his wife’s horoscope. Before that we must mention here that in this chart above, Venus and Saturn (Yogakaraka Sani and Lagna lord Shukra) are in interplanetary was called Bhedam. Shukra is the victor. His wife was born on 7.8.1955 at 10.56 a.m. at Coimbatore. The charts are as given below:-

*Surya Budha Shukra Kuja Guru
In this horoscope the 2nd, the 4th, the 10th and the 11th houses are occupied by malefic planets. There are 5 planets in the 11th house but 3 of them Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are combust. Two good things are that the 11th lord exchanges house with the 7th lord. The 10th lord is in the 11th house. The second lord is not combust. The second house is occupied by Sani. The 10th lord is in the 11th house. Thus she has got Yoga for business in gold and ornaments in her name.
Now she is running Budha Dasa (10th lord Dasa) and Antardasa of Rahu (who is in the 4th house aspecting the 10th house). Therefore, this is the best time to start business in her name. Sani the 4th lord is no doubt exalted in the 2nd house but it gets Neecha Navamsa. He should be cautious with his servants. The lucky colour will be green. The first letter of the firm-name should be G, J, De, Va or Ra.
We can safely say that new business will flourish when Guru goes to Meena Rasi (Pisces) on 16.2.87.

An astrologer should invariably comprehend many aspects before telling all about a horoscope.

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