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What is Controlling Planets?

spiritual GIFThe planets ruling the signs of Rahu and Ketu are called the Controlling planets. Since Ketu is the inlet point of Karma, the planet ruling the sign of Ketu is called the past life Karmic Control. The planet ruling the sign of Rahu controls the Karmic Distribution Control. The controlling planets have strong implications depending upon where they fall in the chart and the aspects they make with the nodal axis. This aspect made by the controlling planet to the nodal axis is of great significance in Karmic understanding. Since the Nodes are in exact opposition, the aspects made by the planet to both the Nodes will always be complimentary. For all practical purposes, we should take the shortest or smallest aspect between the controlling planet and the Nodal axis.

Coming back to our illustration, ruler of the sign occupied by Ketu is Mars and the ruler of the sign occupied by Rahu is Venus, i.e., Mars and Venus are the Controlling Planets in this Nativity. Mars is the planet of the past life Karmic Control and Venus is the planet of Karmic Distribution Control.

First we are to considers the position of his Mars. Mars is in Libra in 10th house. Combine the characteristics of all the three elements, i.e. Mars, Libra and the 10th house and we will get the clear picture. The characteristics of Mars – Fire, quarrels, energy, initiative, effort, pain etc., i.e. in his past incarnation, he was quarrelsome, fiery, and full of energy. As he could not balance himself in past incarnation (Libra sign), he is to suffer in this incarnation in his married life (Libra-sign of marriage) and his vocation (10th house). Mars is the ruler of the 4th he will suffer in his 4th house affairs in this incarnation, i.e. mother, domestic peace and harmony etc. It is due to his past life karmic control.

Next planet to be considered is Venus – the planet of Karmic Distribution Control. Key Notes for Venus are – love, beauty, money etc. Venus is in the first house in Capricorn. We are to blend these three characteristics (Venus, First house and Capricorn) to understand the Karmic Distribution Control in this incarnation. Capricorn is the sign of ambition but of restrictions also and the first house means `person’. Naturally the present life of the native will be full of ambitions but of restrictions also with regard to the Keynotes of Venus (love, affection and money).

Mars conjunction Rahu in the 10th house, (Orb is 10 degree) in Libra. This is quite a fortunate and powerful aspect. Strong personal elevation is sought in life, basically due to Karmic hidden support.  Money and resources become key issues behind the go-getter professional image. Strong tensions with father are noticed since early childhood. Temper and aggressiveness go hand-in-hand to achieve the objective without wasting any time. Physical sex drive is often at its highest and it has certain past life connections. Sometimes these connections are in the form of unfinished manipulation or simple `get even’ from the previous life. It seems like the Martian energies are coupled with the previous memories and they have a Scorpion touch. Strong assistance from brothers and sisters is seen in getting ahead in life or vice-versa.

Venus square Rahu/Ketu. This is quite a frustrating or stressful aspect. However, it does provide a lot of fighting spirit to the native to overcome many obstacles. It seems that he is to learn his Karmic lessons substantially in details. These minute lessons come from many areas of life. This aspect has the most Karmic learning process in native’s life. Thus he fulfils substantial balance of Karma in this life alone. Strongly it may not seem so because he is learning from so many directions and without concentrating on any particular area of life. Thus, as he goes through higher reincarnations, he has good and stiff stamina to cope up with added life process. This sounds like basic Karmic training. Affairs of money and possessions are very significant, consciously or unconsciously. Circumstances behave strongly with him in this aspect. When he plans to go after resources and money matters, circumstances force him to become anti-materialistic. On the other hand, if he decides to withdraw from the material luxury, he gets circumstantially tangled with other’s resources and their management. Somehow, whatever his choice is, circumstances force him to change his strategy continuously. This goes on until he balance is fully understood.

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