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The Number Science...!

animation math GIFThe science of Number had its origin in symbols, used to express the ideas of the ancient people. These number of symbols have a metaphysical (supernatural) value, with definite meaning within them and as such, the numbers being used by individuals as their date of birth and name (alphabets converted into numbers) have their significance and play their due rule in the destiny of the individuals concerned. Through the science of numbers, not only can the future be foretold but we can find out about the various aspects concerning life, such as which days are best for various purposes, the best place fro making a home, how to choose the marriage partner and the best place for making a home, how to choose the marriage partner and how a change in the name can help the individual concerned in severing the desired results. For so many other problems/matters which we have to deal with in life, guidance can be obtained with the assistance of this science.

Numbers have been in existence from times immemorial. The alphabets which came into being subsequently have been given their specific value according to the meaning behind them. For arriving at the outcome, the alphabets are converted into numbers from 1 to 9 as per the under noted key.

      THE ONE                                MANY                                    THE ALL          
1          2          3                      4          5         6                      7          8          9
a          b          c                      d          e          f                       g          h          i
j           k          l                       m         n         o                      p          q          r
s           t          u                      v          w        x                      y          z

On this basis the name of the individual can converted into numbers. The numbers of the letters are to be added up and converted into a single digit from 1 to 9 (unless the total is one of the master numbers of 11 or 22). At the moment we shall reduce to one digit from 1 to 9.

The conversion of the first name, second name and third name of surname is to be done unless there happens to be a master number of 11 or 22 in any of the three names, viz, first name, second name and third name or surname. For the present, we can add up the numbers of all the three names and convert the same into a single digit, viz 1 to 9. each number has is own significance and has varying characteristics. However, the single digit numbers form 1 to 9 have been divided into three groups : 1 to 3, 4 to 6 and 7 to 9. individuals falling under each group each group have their separate traits. Persons having single digits of 1, 2 and 3 are termed the "ONE". The watch word is me or mine. They are interested in the self.

4, 5 and 6 are termed the "MANY". Their watch word is you. They serve their own family and community.

7, 8 and 9 are termed the "Ali". They serve humanity without distinction.

An example will facilitate the matter. If conversion is down of an imaginary name, it is not possible to cross check the conclusions arrived at on the basis of this science. Is is also not considered advisable to use the name and other particulars of a son without his/her consent and that too for publication purpose. The author of this articles will make use of his own name, date of birth, etc. conclusions forthcoming from the exercise can be easily cross checked and the veracity of this science also established.

Name :- Nand Prakash Thareja

NAND             PRAKASH      T H A R E J A
5154                7192118          2819511

15                    29                    27
6                      2                      9

By reducing the added up numbers of the First name, Second name and Third name, we arrive at 6, 2 and 9. by adding them up and reducing the same into single digit, it comes to 8.

Persons falling under the group of 7, 8 and 9 are termed the "All". They serve humanity without distinction. It is true also in the case of the person concerned. God the almighty has made the nature and temperament of this person suitable for serving humanity without distinction and without expecting any return as there is abundance of contentment through what has been conferred by nature. The author retired as a senior banks executive and had to make headway in life through hard work over a span of 45 years of service career. We give below briefly the characteristic of Numbers 1 to 8.

Number 1: Individualist, independent and firm minded. Have qualities of leadership and first in all action. Have courage and intelligence and can become the head of an enterprise or promoter of movement. Self centre. Most ones represent the 'ME' first principle. Can succeed as engineer, leader, inventor, author.

Number 2: Dual in nature. Balance between opposing parties, suited very much to be an arbitrator. Timid, sensitive and lack confidence. Successful diplomats as No. 2 are possessed of tact, kindness and tolerance. Can succeed as politician, statesman, musician diplomat.

Number 3: Takes life as it comes, likes pleasure and are youthful. Possessed of talent for expressing themselves well in writing as well as in speech. Have quick and keen mind and superb imagination. They should guard against being too talkative, can succeed as writer, speaker, actor, entertainer.

Number 4: Dependable, practical and reliable. Possessed of a large share of good commonsense. Stable and hardworking. Excellent disciplinarian, orderly, patriotic and systematic, accountant, politician.

Number 5: Versatile and changeable. Insatiable curiosity for new ideas. Impulsive, restless and quick to act. Speculative tendency also. Have the courage to try anything new. Can succeed as psychologist, writer, investigator and detective.

Number 6: Devoted to the family. Hate loneliness and enjoy crowds. Fond of beautiful things and surroundings. Kind and tolerant and, as such. Liked by people. Prone to worry. Can succeed as doctor, musician, interior decorator or teacher.

Number 7: Deep thinker. Would analyze the situation thoroughly. Dislike manual labor. Spiritually and philosophically inclined. Key not is perfection. Reply on intuition and follow their hunches. Can succeed as scientist occultist, inventor, religious leader.

Number 8: Has to work hard and not rely on luck. Outstanding success by relying on their own judgment. Well balance and can earn a place of authority. Drawn to business, law, banking, acting or manufacturing. Can succeed as president or manager of a big company or executive.

Number 9: Big brother of humanity, selfless, compassionate, broadminded, idealistic and can face the difficulties and heeps others. Can succeed as doctor, lawyer, humanitarian, writer.

After having done the exercise on the basis of our name we shall now find our Birth path based on the date, month and year of birth. This is done by adding the date of birth with the month of the year and the year of birth. The numerical nature of the month in which we were born in the same as it is calendar sequence.

The birth path indicates what we have brought with us at the time of our birth by way of assets such as our talents, character and ability to meet the experience of our present destiny. Further, the birth path gives out make the matter easy for making a choice of the vocation or a particular type of job. However, there is a major difference between the name of a person and the date of birth. In case of need to make it suitable or more suitable from the numerology point of view, the name of a person can be changed but the day of birth cannot be changed buy the day of birth cannot be changed under any circumstances. The birth day is constant and it can never change.

In order to facilitate how it is done we give below the example of the date of author of this article.

Date of birth 12-12-1925

12        12        8
3          3          8                                                          (3+3+8=14 reduced to single digit 5)

Like the number 1 to 9 arrived at on the basis of Name, the birth path, numbers1 to 9 arrived at on the basis of day; month and year of birth have their own significance and interpretation.

Like the number 1 to 9 arrived at on the basis of name, the Birth path, numbers 1 to 9 arrived at on the basis of day, month and year of birth have their own significance and interpretation.

Significance of No. 5- freedom:

Versatile, pursuing more than one line of endeavor at the same time. Have much vitality and enthusiasm and retain the eternal youth. May succeed as a writer, psychologist, teacher or expert in the Occult sciences. This applies is to both sexes.

The traits given out by the number 5 fit in very well with the traits of the author. While in service, he has been studying the Science of Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry and with the grace of God, there is abundance of enthusiasm and vitality and as been spreading the knowledge of the Occult Sciences through articles and by free advice to the needy persons.

Number 1: individuals in thought and action. Pioneer, creative for inventing new things. On account of independent type on nature No. 1 generally head the organizations. The negative qualities to be guarded against are head strong and bossism.

Number 2: Help to others without any rewards in return. Have tact and diplomacy and are possessed of power of persuasion. Successful in arts, music and politics. On the negative side are over sensitiveness and timid ness. Instead of being courageous they are often afraid of making a mistake.

Number 3: Gifted with good expression by way of speech, writing and acting, Creative and a good imagination. Intuitive and possessed of sense of humor. Successful as a writer, public speaker and a critic. Impatience and being critical of others. Intolerance and over optimism are to be guarded against.

Number 4: Too much concentration of details thus neglecting bigger things. Practical, dependable and conservative. Successful as an architect, contractor, technician and teacher. They should learn to behave in a way as they would like to be behaved by others.

Number 5: Pursuing of more than one line of endeavor at the same time. Try new things and follow unusual paths. Both sexes and crowds listen to them. Possessed of much vitality and enthusiasm and retain the eternal youth. Successful as a writer, teacher and interested in and practice occult sciences.

Number 6: Service to other and assuming responsibility. Efficient and methodical. Successful in the field o teaching, cooking, nursing head of an institution, social worker, principle of school, artist, doctor. Negative aspects are stubbornness and domineering nature.

Number 7: Thinker, Scientist and Analyst. Good mind accumulates knowledge from all sources. Successful as Scientist, lawyer teacher, religious worker. Interested in occult Sciences and give inspiration to the others.

Number 8: Organizer, possessed of executive ability and abet to manage large undertakings. Practical, efficient and good judge of the other peoples. Succeed as a judge, lawyer, banker, financial adviser, surgeon or in publicity business.

Number 9: Humanitarian, love of mankind and helpful to others. Selfless and do good things to others without expecting anything in return. Generous tolerant. Succeed as doctor, social worker, reformer. Have high ideals. The negative aspects are timid ness, morbid ness and changing nature.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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