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Polygamy - Why? What are the Astrological Principles...

living single love GIF by Bounce_TVAll the facts of life including one marriage and plurality of marriages are covered by Divine Science-Astrology. Polygamy speaks of having more than one Living wife. Polygamist is one who has more than one living wife. The other word is 'polygyny' which indicates plurality of wives.

Astrology has some combinations which clearly speak of more than one wife. Even in Palmistry, the lines in the hand of the native also indicate more than one wife. However, astrological principles and also of the palmistry are subject to – Desh, Pat and Kylie marriage in this case and also traditions/ customs supported by the society. One may not be in a position to go beyond as now marriage with another woman when first wife id living is prohibited. Thus the native may not go in for another wife when another is living though keeping and affair/secret affair continues to exist. Secret affairs continue even when divorces proceeding etc. are energetic.

The ignition for another wife is given by the energetic planet MARS with placement of Venus/Rahu. Of course, the planet for purities Mercury has an equal say in the matter specially for Virgo/Gemini. Ascendant and if 7th house is occupied by Mars Venus and Mercury with aspect of Rahu, indications of more than one wife and simultaneously must be judged from the position of houses 7th, 2nd, 12th and 4th house their lords and the feminine/ masculine character of the planets.

One of the astrological principles is that lord of the 7th house and that of the 2nd house (8th from 7th) must be weak in order to give more than one marriage. Venus must be in the company of malefics specially Saturn/Rahu/Ketu to afflict the 7th house substantially. In one case weakness of 7th Lord (Venus) and also of Jupiter resulted in 3 marriages at a time. Another principle is that the presence of strong benefic Moon in the 7th house and Venus in dignity (exaltation) gives more than one wife either legally or illegally (one regular wife and other as 'Keep'). (Friendship type in Gujarat).

Purity of wives had existed from times immemorial. Even among the Devtas (Gods), some instances of plurality are well known. The practice of pluraity is in vogue among Mohammedans though the present day education has reduced the polygamy even among them. Way back in ancient times, Saja Preasara had laid down certain principles for purity of wives. One will have two wives if the 7th Lord is in fall (debilitated) or in a malefic sign along with a malefic while the 7th house or 7th Novamasha belong to eunuch planet. In Prasara Hora Sastra, the following other principles are also laid down:

i) If Mars and Venus are in the 7th house or if Saturn in the 7
th whiles the Lagna Lord (Ascendant Lord) is in 8th, the native shall have three wives.

ii) There will be may wives if Venus (significators of marriages) if in dual sing (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) while its lord i.e. exaltation sign and 7th Lord is also endowed with strength.

Some of the male native, depending on their birth Nakshtra and other stars have been racked as electrically charged dynamo and their urge for sex compel them to go in for more marriages wither legally or illegally. In some cases, the need for second marriage is on account of failure of the first wife to give birth to a child specially the son. Sex refusal of the wife to oblige the husband the way he wants etc. become responsible for another wife.

According to Jatka Phala Deepka (Dr K.N. Saraswathy) if there are two planets in the 7th house or 11th house, the native will have two wives. But in experience at the present times, it may not be so. If the lord of 7th house and Venus are posited in a dual sign or amsa, the person shall have two wives. (This practically as laid down in Prasara Hora Sastra).

According to Phala-Deepka (Manteshwara) it is stated that If there be a hermaphrodite planet in the 7th house and the 11th house is occupied by two planets, the person concerned shall have two wives. Further, the native will associate with many women as is the number of planets in the 7th house (indicated supra also). The number of wives should generally be ascertained from the number of planets that are in conjunction with the lord of 7th house and Venus. As stated in above pares, the native will have two wives if both the lords of 7th house and Venus are posited in dual signs or amass.

Briefly, the role of Mercury (Budha) had been explained. The word used in Sanskrit is 'Bahustri samyut' meaning the native is having connection with many women or many women surround him. Apparently connection refers to sexual union. This is what has been stated in Sri Sawartha Chintamani (B. R. Surayanarayana Rao). In addition, it is stated that when the 1st, 2nd or 7th house is occupied by any evil planet and the lord of 7th house is in debilitation or combust, the native may have three wives. This may not give living wives as in view of debilitation/combustion of 7th Lords, one or two wives may die.

Numberless wives are indicated when the lord of 7th house is in 10th house and the lord of 10th is in 7th house (exchanges of 10th and 7th). In ancient times, the harems of many of the Mahomandan and the Hindu Sovereigns are known though all the women so kept may not be called "Wives". But these principles may have no application to the present times thought the said exchange may make the native to gain lot of wealth through women.

Following example speak of polygamy. The 7th lord is Mars and occupies the Navmas of Libra. Lord of Libra is Venus. Had Venus been n conjunction with a benefic and if he had occupied paravatamasa etc. the ancient's sages have indicated wives upto 100 also.

While celebrating his 80th birthday o 18.07.1998, South African President Neslon Mandela had another marriage (Perhaps third as per Sunday Times dated 19-07-1998 published reports). He married Mozambican Graca Machec at a private ceremony in Houghton, Johnsnnesburg the 52 year old Ms. Machel is the widow of former Mozambican President Samora Machel. Now, we examine the birth chart of President Nelson as given in the books:

BIRTH – 18TH JULY, 1918

The planetary position for more than one marriage are summed up as under:

  1. 7th Lord Saturn in the 12th house (comforts of bed) in association with Sun and Mercury.
  2. Saturn aspecting Mars in the 2nd house (also considered to be house of marriage family).
  3. 12th Lord Moon in the sign of Venus (libra) aspecting Aries (9th house) of Mars.
  4. Rahu in the 4th house (9domestic life) aspecting Venus representative of wife.
  5. Mercury Lord of pluraity in the 12th house with 7th lord Saturn.

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