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Transit of Saturn

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

The nativity, replete with powerful Raja Yogas, is very often found to contain pitfalls and is subject to some kind of weakness, which may sometimes escape our notice due to oversight. Indira Gandhi’s chart has been illustrated earlier with particular reference to Saturn’s aspect on the planets, responsible for her ascendancy to power and particularly to the pinnacle of glory in 1971. We should now pause to observe that Venus, lord of the 10th from her Moon sign, but seated in the inauspicious 12th house also. It is nonetheless true that Venus occupies his own Navamsa, which inter alias accounts for her success in career. But the adverse and negative effects of Venus cannot be nullified. It is due to this that she began to confront severe hostilities and problems following Saturn’s entry into Gemini. Saturn, during his progress through Gemini, could directly aspect Venus, owner of the 10th from the Moon. Venus, apart from being eclipsed by Rahu, is stationed in the 12th from the Moon and in the 6th from ascendant. When Saturn entered Gemini, radical Jupiter, with whom Venus has exchanged his position naturally in the natal chart, also fell in the 12th house form moving Saturn. Since Saturn was aspecting ill-disposed natal Venus, blemished by debilitated Rahu’s association, the period was sure to be a troublesome and turbulent one. That natal Jupiter, with whom her 10th lord Venus has exchanged his seat, fell in the 12th from moving Saturn was also a danger signal. The only silver lining in the dark cloud was Saturn’s aspect on Venus. Saturn did not lose contact with the 10th lord Venus during his transit in Gemini. After a careful examination of all these factors, we can understand why the period of Saturn’s movement in Gemini saw the growth of a massive youth and students’ movement in Bihar. IN 1974, when Saturn was continuing his movement in Gemini, Jayaprakash Narayan launched his movement, which, backed by enormous popular support, began to grow in size and strength and spread quickly like fire. On 11 December, 1973, Jayaprakash gave a call to the youth for restoration of democracy in the country. That was, in a sense, the beginning. It is important to note that retrograde Saturn in Gemini was then almost at the same longitude as occupied by natal Rahu and Rahu was in his natal position, eclipsing radical Venus, lord of the 10th from the Moon sign. Jayaprakash Narayan’s movement was committed to total revolution as well as removal of the Prime Minister from power. It came as a big challenge to Indira Gandhi and her position was in jeopardy. That Venus is ahead of Rahu is, of course, a plus point. The perilous condition reached its climax, when Raj Narain’s petition, which he filed against her election in 1971, was finally decided by the Allahabad High Court on 12 June, 1975. The justice, in his thrilling verdict, declared her 1971 election void and disqualified her for six years from holding any political office or becoming a Member of Parliament. A stay of judgment for twenty days was, however, granted. Her position was quite at stake, but she preferred to continue in office until her appeal was decided by the Supreme Court. The Opposition protested against her holding office, As Saturn was aspecting her natal Venus, the planet helped her keep the crisis at bay for the time being. On 25 June, 1975, she clamped internal emergency in the country. All the notable opposition leaders were immediately imprisoned. It is worthwhile to have a glimpse of Saturn’s position. When internal emergency was proclaimed, Saturn was still in Gemini, aspecting her natal Venus, lord of the 10th from the Moon Sign. But Rahu was no longer in Sagittarius, but in Scorpio. Thus, the danger period was over. Promulgation of emergency kept the crisis at bay. When  natal Venus, lord of her 10th from the Moon Sign was aspected by Saturn from Gemini and associated with Rahu simultaneously, it sparked off problems, but could not cause a downfall. For Saturn, traversing Gemini, was also aspecting Mars, lord of the 10th, lodged originally in Leo.

Situation worsened with Saturn’s entry into Cancer when Saturn commenced his journey through Cancer, he lost his contact with natal Mars and Venus, lords of the 10th from her ascendant and the Moon respectively. Nor could he maintain relationship with natal Jupiter or the Sun, the two guiding planets with whom Mars and Venus have exchanged their positions mutually in the horoscope. Furthermore, Saturn became united with natal Saturn, lord of the 7th and the 8th. Election was held on 16 March, 1977, and Indira was rejected by the electorate. Saturn thus caused her downfall when he assumed almost the same longitude as that of natal Mars, lord of the 10th house from ascendant, during his progress through Cancer. Saturn’s movement in Cancer, obviously, marked the gloomiest period in her life and career. She had to face and fight a plethora of changes and propaganda against her. After Saturn’s entry into Leo, she was able to gradually brighten up her de-glamourised and tarnished image. Leo in her nativity is tenanted by her 10th lord Mars. It is, therefore, no wonder that she retrieved her lost position to a considerable extent, when she won the by election from Chikmangalur constituency on 8 November 1978. Saturn’s longitude then came close to that of natal Venus. It is true that even during Saturn’s movement in Leo, she was not absolutely free from humiliation and harassment. The reason is not far to seek. Saturn was associated with Rahu in Leo, afflicting her 10th lord Mars on the one hand and moving, on the other, in the 10th from the Sun, who  has exchanged his place mutually with Mars, lord of the 10th in the horoscope. But her enemies were fast dispersing and the Janta Govenrment showed signs of cracking up, particularly after Morarji Desai had resigned the office of premiership on 16 July 1979. The utter failure had infighting of the Janta Party ultimately paved the way for her staging a triumphant comeback. It must be pointed out that Morarji’s resignation from Premiership was, in actually, a pleasant victory for Indira and the event coincided with Saturn’s occupation of her natal Mar’s longitude in Leo.

In 1982 and also in the first half of 1983, there cropped up a Yoga almost similar to the one formed in 1974. For, Rahu and Ketu interchanged their natal places on the one hand and Saturn was aspecting Ketu in progress through Sagittarius on the other. This time also Saturn in Libra was aspecting Venus, lord of the 10th from the natal Moon. Venus, ahead of Rahu in the horoscope in the same sign, occupies his own Navamsa. Saturn’s aspect on such a Venus cannot cause of downfall, however problematic the period may be. Ketu in Sagittarius was, obviously, not as bad as Rahu in the same sign by reason of his stay in his exaltation sign. Nevertheless, during the period in question, Indira Gandhi had to face unhappy developments of violence and disharmony in Punjab and Assam. The infamous Nellie massacre in Assam took place on 18th February, 1983 and all attempts for a solution of the Punjab tangle ended in fiasco. The period turned out to be one of her ebbing hegemony when her political leadership began to falter and fail.

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