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Transit of Saturn

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Hitler’s downfall, as we know today, was mainly caused by his treacherous and unwise act of getting involved in a war with Russia. Saturn’s entry into Taurus gave premonition of what was in store for the Fuehrer. Saturn entered Taurus on 18, June 1941 and lost contact with Mercury, owner of the 10th from the Moon as well as his associates, who have produced a Raja Yoga in the natal chart. On 22 June, 1941, Hitler made a Himalayan blunder and committed a colossal error of judgment when he sent his troops, without a declaration of war and also without and least respect for the Non-Aggression Pact, against the U.S.S.R.

Thus Soviet Union was forced to wage war against the Nazi militant power. When Saturn got into Taurus, natal Mercury and his Raja Yoga-producer associates fell in the 12th house from him. Again, the Moon, lord of the 10th from ascendant, fell in the 8th from moving Saturn. As pointed out in our present rule, the period was bound to trigger off troubles and set-backs in life and career. During the period of Saturn’s stay in Aries following his re-entry in retrogression into the sign, there was a temporary check on the evil effects. But Saturn again entered Taurus in March, 1942 and stayed there upto 5 August, 1943. If the major events of war on the Russian front be reviewed in retrospect, it will become easily to grasp how Saturn created havoc during his occupation of the sign Taurus. The Nazi troops mounted a massive attack on Stalingrad in September, 1942. In November, however, an enormous counter-attack was initiated by the Russian army. The Soviet offensive became fruitful when the German troops were encircled only to surrender at last 2 February, 1943. Saturn in retrogression was still continuing his movement in Taurus and had no contact with either the Moon or Mercury, owners of the 10th houses. Then approached the time for the fall of Berlin. When Saturn entered Gemini in the first week of August, 1943, a lot of damage had already been done and, apparently, a time came for Hitler to retrieve his lost prestige. We should now pause to re-assess the position and power of his 10th lord, the Moon, who was being aspected then by Saturn from Gemini. In the nativity of Hitler, the Moon lord of the 10th house, is blemished on account of his association with Ketu and Jupiter, lord of the 6th. The Moon is in the 3rd house and the 3rd house happens to be the 6th from the 10th. Moreover, this house suffers serious affliction. Rahu, on the other hand, has manifested a kind of Raja Yoga, since he is in a kona and is aspected by the Moon, lord of a Kendra. But this Yoga is also subject to Jupiter’s harmful aspect. The mon, lord of the 10th is here associated with Ketu, Rule I. Though Jupiter happens to be in between the Moon and Ketu, no advantages accrue as Jupiter owns the 3rd and the 6th from ascendant and is obviously mischievous. The entire consortium does not favor scoring benefic points. Hence, the conditions did not improve after Saturn’s entry into Gemini. Saturn’s connection, during his transit, with a 10th lord, eclipsed by Rahu or Ketu is sure to eclipse one’s career by causing a downfall provided such a transit synchronizes with Rahu’s transit over his own or Ketu’s natal position. Hitler also could not rid himself of the negative consequences. The Soviet army began to march towards Berlin in the spring of 1945 and on 16 April 1945, commenced the decisive battle for the fall of Berlin. Saturn’s aspect, during his transit in Gemini, on the natal Moon, however, allowed Hitler to remain in power as a de-glamourised and broken Fuehrer till his suicide in the last week of April, 1942. In December, 1943, Saturn entered Taurus in retrogression, had a stay there till 24 April, 1944 and was consequently delinked with both the Moon and Mercury, lords of the 10th. This naturally aggravated his prospect of aggrandizement and maintenance of the status quo in war. In October, 1944, Ketu entered Sagittarius and entwined the natal Moon, lord of the 10th house. The formation of this malefic Yoga synchronized with Saturn’s progress through Gemini, wherefrom Saturn was directly aspecting and natal Moon, the eclipsed 10th lord. Thus, we can adduce good reason, as per Rule I, for Hitler’s denouncement and catastrophic fall.

2. Indira Gandhi (1917-1984) – Born 19 November, 1917 at 11-12 p.m. I.S.T. At Allahabad.
Cancer – Ascendant 26degree45’, Saturn 21degree47’; Leo- Mars 16degree23’, Scorpio – the Sun 4degree7’ Mercury 13degree13’; Sagittarius – Venus 20degree59; Rahu 10degree39’; Capricorn – the Moon 5degree38’; Taurus – Jupiter (R) 15degree2’; Gemini – Ketu 10degree39’.

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