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Saturn is the Planet of Destiny

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Saturn is considered as the most evil but strong planet out of nine planets. Saturn is barren, lame, binding, cold dry, defensive, hard, honest, sincere, masculine, earthy melancholic, nervous and secretive planet. Saturn causes delay. It can even deny the best things of life. It also disappoints. Disharmony, dispute, difficulty, despondency defection and differences are the outcome of an evil Saturn. Responsibilities, accuracy, precision, perfectness, and definiteness are dignified Saturnian qualities. Plodding, perseverance, patiently working, prudence, economy, saving, endurance, industry, savings, power to keep secrets, stability, self-control, sense of duty etc. are attributed to a beneficial Saturn.

Saturn is the principle of contraction. It moves things towards stability. It gives the power to save and accumulate wealth. It assists one to acquire landed properties. Saturn gives perfection, precision, sophistication and refinement in every field of activity if posited in angular or trine houses. It rules the solid foundations of things, real estate, permanent building and fixed assets. It gives firmness of conviction, prudence, patience, dependability, capacity for hard work and fidelity when dignified. It is the planet of constitutional law. Saturn’s influence is heavy, restrictive and lasting.

Saturn governs the dried regions of the body i.e. teeth, bones, knees, spinal cord, chronic diseases like neurotic ailment, nervous in Libra; debilitated in Aries and detrimented in Cancer and Leo.

Saturn rules elders, debts and repayment, wills and estates, jails, prisons, exile, shoes, stone, legal matters, traditions, the sense of duty, printing, fertilizers, servants, time, limitations, justice, just rewards; old age, old things and the past. Saturn is karaka (Significator) of the 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th houses. Stupidity, dullness, want of originality, dearth of ideas, laziness, idly wasting time are the outcome of ill-posited Saturn. Saturn denotes all matters kept hidden or in secret, excavation of tunnels, under-ground trenches and burial ground. Saturn aspects the 3rd, 7th, and 10th houses from its position. His favourite stone is blue sapphire, and his mental is steel. During transit, Saturn stays in one sign for 2 ½ years.

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