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Transit of Saturn

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

An Aid to Timing Important Events – Part VI – Setback in Career and Loss of Office.

Much has already been discussed and illustrated as to how Saturn, during his transit, exercises the power and influence to produce memorable events in one’s life and career. It transpires from the foregoing discussion how effortlessly it is possible to fix up the period with a high degree of accuracy, when Saturn crowns one with brilliant success in career or massive victory in endeavour. Saturn’s priority in the judgment of human career and action has so firmly been established that it is useless to magnify and impossible to nullify our main thesis any further. As Saturn is the character of our Karmic life, he can both control the reins of horses and unshackle them. He can also switch off all lamps and suspend or close a well begun play. As unmixed happiness is not possible, so also an unobstructed career. Our journey through life means forward and backward movements and also break journeys. It is commonly experienced that success stems from attempts and failures, and similarly, in more cases than one, a sunny day of career is over-clouded by an abysmal darkness. As Saturn gears up one’s activities and boosts up one’s career, so also he occasionally gives red signals. By a careful study of Saturn’s position during his transit, we can ascertain the period when a person is destined to suffer set0backs in life and career or when one is to envisage an accident in karmic life like termination of office or suspension in service. A transfer to a clerk may be lethal blow, stronger than what dethronement is to a ruler. Rules, however, function uniformly for both a ruler and a clerk.

Rule I

Setback of grave nature and ignominious downfall are indicated in the natal chart, if lord of the 10th house has only Rahu or Ketu in front of him without any planet in between. The same results accrue when lord of the 10h house is associated with Rahu or Ketu, not forming thereby a Raja Yoga, as evinced in rule G.

When Saturn, during his transit, occupies a sign, wherefrom he cannot maintain any connection, by virtue of aspect or union or exchange of position with either of the 10th – lords, reckoned from ascendant and the Moon sign and, more particularly, when lord of the 10th house fall sin the 6th, the 8th or the 12th form the location of moving Saturn, the outcome is manifest in the form of setback or crisis in career and activities, failure in undertaking or loss of power and position.

Saturn cripples or wrecks a flourishing career when he becomes delinked with lord of the 10th by aspect, union or exchange of position, during his transit, which synchronizes with Rahu’s transit over his own or Ketu’s natal position or over lord of the 10th who has exchanged his position with lord of the 10th in a chart, where lord of the 10th has Rahu or Ketu ahead of him in the same or a different sign with no planet in between. In such a case, Saturn should be delinked with the stronger of the 10th lords, where there are two such lords, and may aspect or transit over a weak 10th lord eclipsed by Rahu or Ketu and a lord of any evil house simultaneously.

At the time of debacle, Rahu or Ketu may also be united with lord of the 10th in the debilitation sign of either of them or in the 6th, the 8th or the 12th from the 10h lord.


1. Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) – Born 20 April, 1889 at 6.30 p.m. L.M.T.
Libra – Ascendant 3degree8’; Sagittarius – the Moon 14degree10’, Jupiter 15degree56’, Ketu 23degree47’; Aries – The Sun 8degree32’, Mars 24degree50’, Mercury 3degree22’; Venus (R) 24degree26’; Gemini – Rahu 23degree47’; Cancer – Saturn 21degree10’.

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