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Saturn & Professional Mysteries Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

In a similar way the core nature of any job can be ascertained when Saturn is influenced by other planets according to Karaktatwa of the influencing planets. Where there are no planets i.e. on either side or in the 7th to Saturn it indicates a job unsteady in nature or job which faces frequent changes or a job mixed in nature with frequent wandering or an untidy low job with serious hindrance, or sometimes difficulty in getting a job.

When the Sun is aspected or related with Rahu well fortified, Mercury or Jupiter is in the 2nd while Saturn is conjoined or located in the 7th from Rahu it indicates a dignified job in aviation air force, either in defence or in civil organization.

When a weak Sun is with a strong Saturn having Mercury in the 12th and Venus in the 2nd it promotes aptitude for political activities. But a srong Sun related with Jupiter and joining or aspected by Yogakaraka Saturn with Mercury and Venus in the same position is treated as one of the best combinations for high political success or head of foreign diplomatic organization. The planetary combination as stated above for political activities also suits for a job in technical or engineering organization in late twenties. When Mars is in the 12th Venus and Rahu are in the 2nd to Saturn while the Sun joins Mercury and related with Saturn it indicates a political career, a strong minded individual, or earning from agricultural activities. Such individuals earn status and position from government in late life.

A Horoscope is divided into four ecliptic arcs. The upper meridian or the 10th Bhava is most powerful point with reference to a birth horoscope, an intersecting point between the tendencies and the available opportunities in an individual’s life. The force emitting from the point usually forms a synonymous trait with the prediction and its working order in the present life span harmoniously when Saturn is related with the 10th is the inlet of Karma while `karaka’ for the 9th (indicates fortune) helps to enjoy the results in life’s sojourn.

As such it is further emphasized that when Saturn and Jupiter are harmoniously related with the 10th they give an elevated status and dignified profession but in such case the Sun must be free from affliction. Jupiter indicates abundance and multiplied virtues. A well fortified Jupiter held eschew difficulties of life. Jupiter if located in or aspects the 10th powerfully incites the native to forbear difficulties and turmoils of life. A strong Mars in the 10th under benefic influence gives empthy for work, makes such individual duty-bound, reliable, hardworking and surmounting in character. Such Mars gives high knowledge in engineering or technical avocation. Saturn in the 10th, though elevates an individual in his professional status becomes the cause of downfall if afflicted, which gives rise to extreme confidence and arrogance in individual. But benefic influence on Saturn in the 10th devoid of benefic influence bestows aggressive qualities without utilizing the tendencies and abilities that rest in an individual in a subtle stage. As such as professional status and the nature of profession could easily be judged upto a reasonable extent from the position of Saturn.

A few horoscope showing the nature of profession, as well as obstructions in the working surroundings are lucidly explained hereunder. The birth details are withheld for obvious reasons.


1. Rasi Vrischika Lagna with Venus and Mercury.
Dhanu – Sun;
Kumbha – Jupiter;
Meena – Saturn and the Moon;
Mesha – Rahu;
Tula – Mars and Ketu.


The native is director of works and projects in a foreign government. Mark the swap of houses between Saturn and Jupiter with reference to the 4th and the 5th house while Saturn joins with the 9th lord Moon forming tow powerful Rajayogas which bestowed an elevated professional status.

2. Rasi – Karkata Lagna : Vrischika – Saturn; Dhanu – The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Ketu
Kumbha – Jupiter;
Mesha – Mars;
Mithuna – Rahu

The native is chief technical director in jute industry under public sector undertaking. Mark the 10th lord Mars in the 10th devoid of any malefic aspect. Further Mars is Yogakaraka and aspects the 7th lord Saturn in the 5th house. A stellium of 5 planets is in the 2nd to Saturn while Jupiter is located in the 4th house. The native is an engineer. The above planetary configurations unfold the clues for such high assignment.

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