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The Problem of Profession Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

This account taken from one of our authoritative text-books, gives enough indication about the duty of the astrologer in matters dealing with profession. There is enough room for supplementing these details, and we have many clues whereby we can enlarge the principles. Accordingly, we state some of the relevant factors and combinations.

The 10th house, its lord, the planets in the 0th, the planets aspecting the 10th and its lord, the signs occupied by the lord of the 0th, the planets near the Sun and near the 10th – these have to be considered carefully. Then note the kind of triplicate to which the concerned sign belongs. An airy sign indicates mental powers, planning, oratory and fluency. A fiery sign suggests force of characters, grit, ability, self-aggressiveness, factories, dangerous pursuits, surgery, and dentistry. An earthy sign gives patience, practical ability, business interests, prudence, planning for material welfare, agriculture, foodstuffs, stocks and shares, clothes, gardening, and immovable properties. A watery sign suggests liquids, commercial travelers, agencies, dress-makers, furniture shops, laundries, hospitals, chemists and druggists, nurses, salesmen, navigation and so on.

The Sun refers to royal or state appointments and favours, ministers, magistrates, medical persons, goldsmiths and doctors.

The Moon refers to travelers, sailors, hawkers, nurses, public commodities, midwives.
Mars governs iron, cutlery, machines, surgeons, chemists, soldiers, sergeants, factories, debaters, lawyers, logicians, butchers and barbers.

Mercury governs orators, teachers, accountants, poets, authors, editors, printers, mathematicians, merchants, insurance, messengers, conjurors, buffoons, dancing masters, sentinels, painters, grammarians, dialecticians, and health officials.

Venus governs pleasurable and aesthetic pursuits. Here are artists, musicians, actors, perfumers, jewelers, silk and embroidery, medicine, cookery, and flower markets.
Jupiter governs religious teachers, priests, lawyers, judges, scholars, university professions, grammarians, philosophers, and physicians.

Saturn rules varied professions. Saturn on the cusp of the 10th gives eminence, authority, and power. Saturn refers to agriculturists, miners, gardeners, lead astronomy, metaphysics, philosophy, theology.
The intellectual signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and they intensify the powers of thinking and planning. Cancer and Capricorn favour serious thought. 19degree and 20degree Taurus and Scorpio refer to critical faculties, while 22degree and 23degree Pisces and Virgo give rhythm and law and order, and 15degree Cancer and Capricorn confer balanced judgment. Jupiter, Mars and the Sun dominate the charts of lawyers and engineers. 3degree Libra is the degree of discovery; also for engineers note 26 degree Pisces and Virgo, and 17degree Taurus and Scorpio. The medical profession involves Gemini, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius; 20degree to 26degree Virgo also is relevant. For business, the earthy signs are favourable. Artists and musicians have the strong Moon and Venus with good aspects from Mercury, Mars and the Sun. The sensitive degrees for these are: 23degree Pisces and Virgo, 29degree Taurus and Scorpio, 12degree Gemini and Sagittarius, 16degree Leo an Aquarius. Scorpio is the most important sign for astrology, and it is not surprising that our Editor has a strong Scorpio as his 10th. Saturn and the Moon have much to say about astrologers beside Mercury. The first degree of Cancer and Capricorn, 19degree Libra 29degree. Taurus and Scorpio, and 21degree to 23degree Gemini and Sagittarius are also involved here.

Journalists and editors have the strong Moon, Mercury and Jupiter 21degree, 25degree and 29degree Leo and Aquarius, and 21degree Taurus and Scorpio are involved here. The 3rd and the 9th must be strong, as also their lords.

Ascetics and religious people have a strong 9th house, and strong Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon. The first degree and 24degree Gemini and Sagittarius, the first degree of Aries and Libra and of Leo and Sagittarius are also important points here.

Accountants have the strong Moon and Mercury, and a strong Ascendant in Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius. Teachers and professors have strong Jupiter and Mercury.
Some of the degrees which are sensitive for different professions are listed below. Astrologers are requested to examine the appropriateness of these points:

Aries, Libra 2degree
Aries, Libra 3 degree
Aries Libra 24 degree
Painting, music, oratory
Taurus, Scorpio 5 degree
Taurus, Scorpio 14 degree
Taurus 23 degree
Gemini, Sagittarius 1 degree
Gemini, Sagittarius 12 degree
Cancer, Capricorn 2 degree
Cancer 3 degree
Literature, science
Cancer, Capricorn 21 degree
Cancer, Capricorn 26degree to 30 degree
Leo, Aquarius 5 degree
Astrology, painting
Leo, Aquarius 8 degree
Leo, Aquarius 19 degree
Virgo 1 degree
Virgo, Pisces 2 degree to 4 degree
Sagittarius 3 degree
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces 23 degree
First degree of the negative watery sign
Medicine, painting

There are many such sensitive points which one can arrive at after correlating a number of charts. All the while one must keep in mind the framework provided by the traditional Indian authorities. Then the ticklish question of profession can be satisfactorily solved. The late Mr. Surya Prakash was attempting this problem before his sad demise at a very early age. May his soul be blessed!

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