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Determining the Profession Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

In this chapter we will study various rules for determining the profession of a native. In modern times this is a very difficult task. A native may have multiple professions. His vocation may be a clerk but his major income may be from rent of property. A native may suddenly change his profession. The new profession may be totally unrelated to his earlier profession. There are times a native may go from self employment to service or service to self employment. There are many natives who take up part time work after office hours to augment their financial resources.

For determining the occupation of a native we basically study the following:

(1) Rasi-Chart

(2) Dasamsa Chart

(3) Dasa periods i.e. the main and sub-period lord prevailing at any given time.

Rasi-Charts is the main chart. The influence on ascendant, 10th house and 11th house indicate a native’s profession. In fact, for finding the profession of a native a horoscope has to be judged in its entirety. The strongest planet and influences on the tenth house all help in determining with profession of a native. Rasi-Chart should always be studied along with the Chalit-Chakra. The Chalit Chakra has been discussed in detail in chapter 1.

Dasamsa Chart is to be studied for determining the profession and status of a native. It should always be studied along with the Rasi-Chart and never alone. Every divisional chart is a part of the main Rasi-Chart and should never be studied alone. Dasamsa Chart has been discussed in detail later on in this chapter.

The main and sub-period operating at any given point are responsible for various ups and downs, changes and determination of profession of a native. We should carefully examine the Dasa periods operating at the age a native has to choose his career. In Indian context, we should see the Dasa periods at the age of 18 years to around 30 years. These years will lay the foundation of a native’s career.

It is the combined effect of the above factors that determine native’s choice of vocation. The various important factors which are responsible for a native’s profession are described below.

The Importance of Ascendant

Ascendant is the most important house in a horoscope. The influences on it are responsible for a native’s appearance, career, outlook towards life and character. It determine if the native will be an intellectual, rugged or sporty type, the enterprising type who will flourish in self business or working class type including clerks, labours etc. A planet if strongly posited in the ascendant and its Dasa period operates during the formative years of a native, has a definite effect on the career of the native.

The Importance of Tenth House

The most pronounced effect on a native’s choice of career is that of the tenth house. We should basically examine the following:

(1) The planets posited in the tenth house. If more than two planets are posited then their combined effect should be considered. For example, if Mars and Mercury are in the tenth house. Mercury rules young people and it likes to play. Mars is a Kshatriya or belongs to a warrior class who likes to show is physical powers. Their combined effect produces a sports person. Now, suppose the sign in the tenth house is a fiery one. This may make the native a wrestler or a body builder. This way an astrologer should intelligently consider the effect of various planets on the tenth house.

(2) If there is no planet in the tenth house we have to consider the tenth lord and influence of various planets on it.

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