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The Problem of Profession Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Predictions concerning profession are troublesome because of the complex nature of modern, social, economic, and political conditions. The texts we have are helpful only in giving us a broad outline. On the basis of these texts we have to fill in and readjust certain implications contained in the statements.
Mantreswara, for instance, states: “One ought to predict the acquisition of money by determining whether the Ascendant or the sign occupied by the Sun or the Moon is stronger. Then find out the planet located in the 10th house from these, and the Navamsa sign occupied by the lord of that sign. The sun refers to the father, the Moon to the mother, Mars to foe, Mercury to friend, Jupiter to brother, Venus to the wife, and Saturn to servant”. (5.1).

The Jataka Parijata is more helpful. There we read: “From the 10th house you can ascertain a person’s authority, rank, ornaments, dress, activities, agriculture, renunciation, religious activities, means of livelihood, and fame” (15.1). Naturally the profession depends on one’s education, his mental make-up and such others factors.

Then the 1st, the 4th, the 5th and the 10th have to be considered. Before we proceed further, let us take an example. If the 10th house from the Ascendant has Mercury, and the 10th from the Sun and the Moon have Mars and Rahu, and if the lords of these houses are Jupiter and Venus who are in Navamsas owned by Saturn and Jupiter respectively, then we have to examine Mercury, Mars, Rahu Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. The Moon as the lord of the 5th house also enters the picture. This is too complex a situation.

Bhattotpala does not say that we have to reckon only from the strongest among the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon. He quotes Garga to support his contention that everyone of these should be considered for determining the source of income. We have also to ascertain whether the planet is in its own house, in its sign of exaltation, in a friend’s house, or in an inimical sign. If the planets are malefic for that chart, there will be great labour and little income. If the Sun is strong and exalted, then one earns by his own exertion.

The profession of a native is to be judged from the planet or planets occupying the 10th; and if there is none, from those in the 1st and from those aspecting the Sun and the Moon. Moreover, the planet posited very near the Sun or the 10th also has an influence in this matter.

Jataka Parijata declares that we must find out whether the Ascendant is strong or the Moon. Then note the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 10th reckoned from the stronger one. If that sign belongs to the Sun, one deals in medicine, wool, grass, water, grains, gold, pearls, and he may become a mediator or ambassador. If it is the Moon, one lives by things derived from water, by agriculture, clay, clothes, and controversies. That is, here are indications for sailors, mariners, navigators, fishermen, boatmen, midwives, nurses and others. If it is Mars, then we refer to metallurgy, war, fire-control, stealing, adventure, and quarrels of others. Military jobs, doctors, chemists, butchers, executioners, engine drivers, and all those working in iron, steel or fire are covered here. If it is Mercury, one pursues arts, poetry, traditional profession, priesthood, astronomy, astrology, and scriptures. Literary authors, translators, writers, accountants, teachers, mathematicians, lawyers, booksellers, printers and postmen also come under this planet (15.44-47).

If the Navamsa sign belongs to Jupiter, one earns by becoming an instructor, religious authority, priest, moralist, philosopher and the like. Here come judges, scholars, senators, clergymen and bankers. If it belongs to Venus, the earnings are related to gold, ruby, elephants horses, cattle, jiggery, cooked rice, salt, milk, curd and women. Here is a place for owners of hotels, confectioners, shepherds, musicians, painters, linen drapers, jewelers, players, embroidery, scent-dealers, maid-servants and the like. If the sign belongs to Saturn, one earns by vile pursuits, wood engraving, executing, carrying the burdens of others. Probably we have a place here for shoe-makers, scavengers, grave diggers, undertakers, brick-layers, miners, and gardeners (15.48-50).

If the Sun and Mercury are in the 10th, one earns as an astronomers or astrologers, or he lives by articles derived derived from water, or by ornaments. Mars and Mercury in the 10th make one scientific. Venus and Mars there give him trade in foreign lands. Mercury and Saturn make one a copyist. Venus and Saturn give him cosmetics, medicines, and trade 15.56-59).

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