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Signs and Profession Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Virgo: The native are truthful, soft spoken and have a charming personality. They are very learned and possess encyclopedic knowledge. Their shoulders are drooping. They are also bashful. They are doctors and healers from birth in certain ways.
The professions connected with Virgo are healers, doctors, mathematicians, land owners, agriculture related professions, professors, manicurists, paper dealers, computer and software experts, psychiatrists, astrologers, reporters, book keepers and similar professions.

Libra: These natives are very religious, full of energy and have a lean and thin body. They are tall in stature, deft traders and dealers, very patient and intelligent. They like to travel and are restless. These natives are also brave, merciless but very impartial. Because of their impartial nature these natives make good jurists.
The profession indicated by Libra are Judges, diplomats, management consultants, officers of law, actors, singers, artists, beauticians, models, interior decorators, photographers, perfume manufacturers, cartoonists, fashion designers, owners of cabaret and night clubs, brothel owners, prostitutes, druggists, air hostesses, pilots, liaison officers, receptionists etc.

Scorpio: These natives have heavy thighs and have broad chest and eyes. They are well respected and known in government circles. They indulge in cruel actions and are vindictive in nature.
Scorpio indicates professions connected with liquid, chemicals, medicine, insurance, boilers, machinery, military, engineers, surgeons, research workers, detectives, occultists, philosopher, criminals, coffin makers, naval officers, navigators, doctors, nurses, explorers, dealers in sea foods, poisons, drugs and chemicals, police and defense officials.

Sagittarius: This is a war like sign. These natives love an adventure. His face and neck are long and ears big. They like to keep themselves busy and are full of energy. They are eloquent in speech and charitable. They are short in stature and shoulders are broad. They are courageous and can bear physical hardships.
The professions indicated by Sagittarius are sports, horse training, lawyers, jurists, preachers, patriots, bankers, financial experts, footwear experts, magistrates, woolen traders, wholesale process, capitalists, shoe manufacturers and similar professions.

Capricorn: These natives are preserving and practical. They have weak lower limbs. They are full of vitality. At times they will be very lazy. Such natives often have affairs with older women. They like to travel.
These natives take up professions such as plumbers, property and timber related, agriculture, mining, forest related, geologists, finance experts and experts in minerals.

Aquarius: These natives like to remain informed on everything under the Sun. They commit sinful actions secretly. They are brisk walkers and can walk long distances. Their body is like a water pot. These natives are tall and well built with a poncho. They like to remain well dressed.
The professions indicated by Aquarius are public relation officers, consultants and advisors, intellectuals, philosophers, astrologers, computer hardware experts, automobile and aeroplane mechanics, engineers, scientists etc.

Pisces: These natives have a beautiful and well proportioned body. They have an attractive and charming personality. They are creative and learned.

This sign indicates doctors, surgeons, nurses, monks, traders in produce of the seas, sailors, naval officers, nuns, prison guards, wardens, workers in clubs, hospitals, jails, secret societies, sanatorium workers, writers, poets, composers, chemical and oil dealers, dealers in perfume and sea produce, amusement parks, painters and scholars.

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