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Signs and Profession Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1
Below are given occupation governed by different signs and also the general characteristic of each sign:

Aries: Aries signifies leadership and dominance. The native has round eyes, weak knees and is of aggressive temperament.
The occupations governed by Aries are military men, surgeons, dentists, carpenters, mechanics, hair dresses, assayers, army officers, policemen, butchers, dacoits, announcers, workers in iron, steel and metal, firemen, guards, wrestlers, industrialist, workers in brick kilns etc.

Taurus: These native have big face. They like company of women whose age is considerably less than their own age. They are usually of sacrificing and forgiving nature and are capable of enduring hardships and physical sufferings.
The occupations governed by Taurus are agriculture related, cement, property, luxury goods, furs, cosmetics and jewel trade, bankers, brokers, cashiers, gamblers, gardeners, nursery owners, music, actors, those connected with entertainment and amusement industry, tailors, revenue officials etc. They also deal in flowers, milk, land in any manner, sugar, cotton and similar professions.

Gemini: These natives have black eyes, curly hair, prominent nose and thick neck. They have many friends. They are very versatile and usually make a mark in two fields. They are intelligent and very intuitive. They are fond of music and dancing but usually prefer to remain indoors.
Gemini indicates such profession as connected with literary field, communication, Journalism, marketing, teachers, journalists, doctors, healers, accountants, book-keepers, representatives, agents, solicitors, postal employees, photographers, rail and air transport connected professions, diplomats, secretaries, personal assistants, tutors and translators. Gemini also gives proficiency in logic and mathematics.

Cancer: The native is henpecked, has thick neck and likes socializing. They have thick waist and are short statured. They are intelligent and love watery sports like swimming, diving etc. They walk fast.
The vocations indicated by Cancer are fishing, naval officers, marine engineers, marine officials, merchant navy, nurses, interior decorators, home furnishings, home appliances, caterers, owners of restaurants, matrons, historians, explorers, shipping departments, preachers, petroleum and chemical industry.

Leo: It gives reddish eyes, large chin and broad face. They are arrogant, courageous, valiant, stubborn and firm minded. They like travel in forests and hills. Leo natives are usually short tempered.

This sign gives civil servants, politicians, ministers, connected with government in any manner, speculators, musicians, theatre owners, C.E.O. of large enterprises, soldiers, auditors, ambassadors, agriculturists and profession related to earth or land.

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