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Houses and Professions

Houses and Professions

Dr. Shanker Adawal

First House: If ascendant is strong and ascendant lord is connected with tenth house or tenth lord it indicates self employment. It also signifies such professions as connected with masses, police department and public health departments.

Second House: If second house is connected with tenth house and tenth lord it indicates professions connected with banks, revenue, finance, stock and share brokers, commercial activities, restaurants, food industry, hotels etc.

Third House: Railway and transport, motors, books, publishing, libraries, communications, postal department, marketing men, salesmen and artists.

Fourth House: Professions connected with property, land, agriculture, geology and mines etc.
Fifth House: Fifth house shows professions connected with amusement and entertainment industry, artists, musicians, schools, teachings, diplomats, speculators, gamblers etc.

Sixth House: When sixth house gets connected with tenth house in any way it gives professions connected with healing (doctors), medicine, army and navy, industries, lawyers and legal experts.

Seventh House: This house relates to gain from partnerships, females, foreign trade, brothels, prostitution etc.

Eighth House: This house shows profession connected with population and the dead, privy councils, insurance, coffin makers and related professions.

Ninth House: This house gives jurists, lawyers, preachers, foreign connections, shipping industry, philosophers etc.

Tenth House: This house shows bureaucrats, kings, rulers, industrialists; managing directors of large organizations etc.

Eleventh House: This house gives professions connected with finance, journalists and those running charitable institutions.

Twelfth House: This house shows professions connected with prisoners, foreign counties, asylums, hospitals, charitable institutions, criminals, secret service, spies etc.

I have given above professions indicated by different houses. If tenth lord or tenth house is connected with any house or its lord, the native may take up a job connected with that house. For example, if tenth lord has exchanged houses with the second lord, the native’s vocation may be connected with finance in some way.

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