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Saturn & Professional Mysteries Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

The characteristic of Saturn in the field of avocation gets seriously hindered when related with his strongest enemy Mars or malefic Rahu though the horoscope may be having predominant 10th house fortified with other Raja Yogas. Saturn in the house of Mars gives rise to a profession relating to physical labour, jobs relating to machinery parts, avocation related with minerals and mines or job in a factory. When Saturn is conjoined with Mars or Rahu or any of them is located in the 7th from Saturn or Saturn is located in an inimical house under malefic aspect may be read for a dull condition at place of work and a frustrated outlook of life. Such individuals have no discipline and system in life and roll on a drudgery way at their place of work. They are unable to perform any hard work due to their weak physical structure and partly due to their reluctance for physical labour but unfortunately they are forced to do such work for mere bread.

Rahu in the 2nd or in the 12th from a well placed Saturn indicates hard struggle in life in the matter of earning livelihood but rising steadily from the lowest rank to a commendable position. They have patience and discipline in all undertakings. Ketu in a similar position to Saturn gives a state of ataraxia in professional field and in possible cases shows a quixotic disposition.

When Saturn is located in the house of Venus or in his own house it is a palpable indication for white collared job without any manual labour, a fat pay packet and living in case and comfort without facing any major challenge of life. In that event when Venus is not strong in position or Saturn is not under benefic aspect but afflicted, such people may be a primary teacher, money lender or working in office in a very humble capacity. Saturn in the house of Venus, or Saturn and Venus both well fortified, or when Venus is Yoga Karka located in a comfortable position and secured by benefic aspect indicates a profession relating to arts and music in a sublime capacity as head of an academy.

When Saturn is placed in the house of Jupiter under benefic aspect indicates an executive job a career in sales under reputed organization or a job which command respect and dignity from others. When there is no planet in between Saturn and Jupiter it may show a smooth way in life even in professional field. When Saturn joins the Moon, it denotes a power of deep thinking, a well marked prevision, partly suspicious and niggard attitude and such people are known as religious writers or engaged in an avocation that deals with liquid, chemicals, drinks etc. When such conjunction happens in an auspicious house which is a watery sign, it may be taken as an indication of foreign service with a dignified capacity. In order to fulfil the condition, i.e. a lucrative assignment abroad, both the Moon and Saturn should be lords conjunction should be in an identical house. When Saturn is strong but having Mars and Rahu treated as one of repulsive situation in a vocational field. Such individuals always suffer from tension and anxiety at their place of work though they are hard working and highly skilled technical individuals. They normally suffer from fear complex which gradually fray their mental stamina and make them ill tempered and unhappy.

A strong unaffiliated Saturn is treated as strong significator of discipline, system and keen prevision of life. Such Saturn guides individuals to manoeuvre the professional life with ability, skill and adaptability. It lends out the knowledge and information about limitation of help of others in the growth of conditional work pattern. When all planets are located within Saturn-Venus orbs it indicates a smooth professional life. When Saturn is related with the Sun, as a general rule, it promotes a job under government department. But a raft conjunction between Saturn and the Sun or Rahu devoid of benefic aspect always depresses the status of the job, brings sudden crisis in life where Mars in a similar position invites hindrance, demotion and embroilment. Such configuration generally heightens ambition but without any ability and skill which ultimately invites failure in undertakings. There may be some distinct variation in the nature of avocation depending on the strength, aspect, conjunction, occupation and relationship with Saturn and particularly the planets who are located in the 2nd, in the 12th or in the 7th from Saturn.

When Saturn joins with Jupiter the Sun and Mercury in the 2nd aspected day Mars it promotes a highly elevated occupation in a government set-up in land revenue or forest department. Here Jupiter-Saturn conjunction stands for a dignified assignment while the Sun-Mercury syndrome in the 2nd influences for a job relating to accounts and finally if Mars aspects the configuration it unfolds the core nature of the job relating to land and its yielding i.e. production of crops assessment of revenue or plantation, sale of logs, etc.

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