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Saturn & Professional Mysteries Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

A living entity is always engaged in work and the condition and status of working pattern are knowable from the cosmic conditions through the map of heavens cast for the time of birth. In Srimad Bhagavad Geeta, chapter 3, sloka 3, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna “No hi kaschit khonomapi jatu tisthato krma Krito karjayata habasso karma sarvo parvo plariti joyergunnoi” means that no man can ever live without Karma (work), even for a fraction of a second. Nature engages every body in karma under compulsion.

Yet it appears most difficult to pinpoint the actual nature of one’s profession astrologically due to rapid advancement of the world in different directions in the modern age making high increase of classified nature of varieties of jobs and honesty at the first sight it is crux of a problem to locate one’s nature of profession astrologically. In ancient times the socio-economical structure was very simple vis-à-vis the nature of vocations were also limitative. Our classical texts on astrology ascribed some general outline of avocations according to the them ancient society. The present complex socio-economical structure and various types of avocations were then absolutely absent. Now it is a matter of our sincere study and research in the light of those classical texts to unfold the hidden meanings of umpteen cosmic conditions revealed in the horoscopes that stand for different nature of professions in a more precise manner.

The foundation of karma is however related to one’s deeds of past existence, wisdom, intellect, prevision and intensity of character are the result of one’s own past acquisitions. Astrologically the cosmic conditions at the time of birth unfold their subtle links between the deeds of previous birth with the present life. The 10th house indicates karma (profession) while Saturn is karaka (significator) planet for karma. Karma brings forth results or destiny.

The problem that actually arises is how the 10th house is primarily concerned with karma, becoming important for consideration of one’s livelihood, because karma or religious philosophy which sustains a man throughout his terrestrial journey, is signified by the 9th house. The 10th house succeeds the 9th as well as reciprocal to 4th, the house of intellect, wisdom and mental ability which astrologically suggest the outcome of the 9th and the 4th Honestly without wisdom and mental devotion, a man cannot be pushed to the path of Dharma while Dharma must result in karma in order to achieve perfection of life otherwise such karma has no real significance at all. As such, a perfect liaison between the 9th and the 10th houses leads an individual to enjoy the most powerful Dharma-karma Raja Yoga which gives most auspicious results towards one’s karma or profession and its harmonious performance in life. Being the significator planet of karma, Saturn signifies the results of work done in the previous birth and its manifestation in present life.

When Saturn is well placed in a horoscope it indicates bright and good luck which suppose to depend on an individual’s ability to select right vocation at the right time resulting in minimizing sorrows in mundane life. Again a better destiny gives enjoyment of benefits of auspicious results in life and it is see that such enjoyment of benefits of auspicious results in life is possible only when Jupiter influences Saturn beneficially. In the event when Saturn is strong in a horoscope it does indicate bright fortune in one’s avocation while divine grace of Jupiter gives enjoyment of auspicious results and in such case Jupiter is automatically well placed relation to Saturn. The inharmonious planetary angles in a horoscope allow us to interpret the number of misfits and frustrated individuals in the society. In the struggles of life, many become incompetent due to such marring cosmic conditions.

One more score that strikes the foremost in the humble observation and research in the realm of astrology is that the Karaktatwas (signification theories) of planets are essential factors in determining ones nature of avocation particularly the position of Saturn and Jupiter in relation wit the 10th house than to solely bank upon the 10th house and its lord. I feel that the position of Saturn and Jupiter in different Bhavas in relation to the 10th and certain other planets demand highest importance to unfold the nature of profession, social status, living condition etc. When we look back towards `Samhita Grantha’ it is seen that Saturn has been given the portfolio of Karma while Jupiter stands for the native himself.

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