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Profession from the Position of Planet Saturn Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

Saturn with Mars:

Success comes from great obstacles and struggling where hard word is beneficial. Machinery, factories, engineering works are beneficial.

Saturn with Mercury:

Major success is found in business activities intellectual works, writing, and he is soft and calm nature, which is his career.

Saturn with Jupiter:

This is one of the best combinations and some of the great personalities having this combination are great and who achieve eternal name not only in society and in this earth.

Saturn with Venus:

The native will be gifted in second half of life. He enjoys good fortune after marriage and benefits which will come from different sources, such as banking, good business organizations, through luxury articles. The native will become wealthy one with house and properties. There is good influence brought up from wife’s side.

Saturn with Dragon Head:

Saturn is black Dragon Head is shade or the wheel (Chakra). The native having this combination will have a career connecting films, vehicles, printing presses or in other words it is anything moving like wheels-or chaya (the shade) chakra-the wheel.

Saturn and Rahu-Door keeper servant of low category.

Saturn with Dragon Tail:

The person or native having this combination is desperate in life in career because of maximum work and minimum salary and who will work as a writing or ordinary worker who enjoys saintly thoughts. People of this will lead their life in textiles factory, sewing (tailoring) and medical departments.

Dragon’s Head in Aries:

This is a shadow planet and as we have explained this is causative planet for Big, Rope, Round, Head, Shade, Black Dungeon, Vacant – Top portion of Kala Purusha’s Head.

Roads, Circles, Drywood, dried leather, godowns plastic.

Dragon’s Tail:

Lanes, hair, rope, thread, sexual organs, penis and vagina, temple, choultry, prayer half of charity church) hospitals.

The effects of these two planets are based through the combinations of remaining planets. For example, Rahu + Saturn + Venus in Taurus – this denotes Rahu is big, Saturn is work, and Venus is money. This indicates the native works in big financial fields, or luxurious concerns. If the same combination in the sign of Artistic sign of (Moon) for arts, dance, drama (cancer) this denotes the native will earn in the film or chaya (Photographic) arts.

If the Saturn with Dragon-Tail is seen this denotes the native’s work will be in small or sacrificing concern-lighting.

If the Jupiter with Dragon-Tail and Moon in Cancer or in Pisces, the native will visit many holy places or born in a holy place, who will have divine virtues from his past birth.

The place of birth of native is near a well, with a lane nearby.

Sun with Venus and Dragon head – The native’s father will have to meet major accidents or death within 18 or 38th year of the native’s life and the native’s father amassed wealth by fraud and cunning means. This causes the death and death is nothing but due to evil methods-black magic and due to females.

Hereafter in the experimental charts used as illustrations we hve kept Saturn as the basis for the determination of one’s profession.

What is the Rasi in which Saturn is located and what are its qualities? We shall discuss as follows by suitable illustrate charts.

The profession of the native is generally determined by the planets which are with Saturn or in the 7th Rasi from Saturn and their Karakathwas.

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