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Saturn determines the course of destiny in one’s life

Dr. Shanker Adawal

A strong Saturn is absolutely essential in a horoscope to accomplish anything worthwhile, which is why it has been rightly called the planet of destiny, because it appears to be the common denominator in the charts of those who have made their mark in the world. A horoscope with a weak Saturn denotes a weak and colourless person who can’t do anything either for himself or for the country.

A detrimented Saturn in a Trik house causes permanent physical disability and gives the native too many troubles and hardship in his path of progress. He then fails to rise in life and leads a vegetable existence, which has got no meaning at all. A combust Saturn in an evil house along with Mars causes violent accidental deaths. Astama Sani i.e. Saturn in the 8th along with Mars or any aspect of Mars to Saturn in the 8th also causes violent accidental deaths like the case of Netaji Subhash Ch. Bose and Dr. Martin Luther King.

A retrograde Saturn in the 5th or 9th makes one a strong personality or a creative genius. Combust Saturn along with Ketu in the 10th makes one a great political leader.

Capricorn is Saturn’s home sign where he expresses his best qualities most naturally. Libra is his sign of Exaltation and Aries is his sign of fall. Saturn’s natural reserve, caution, patience and aptitude for careful planning are at its best in Libra but these same qualities clash with Aries’s fire and combativeness. Saturn shows its evil nature most effectively when posited in its detrimented sign Cancer.

Saturn is a strong karmic planet. Saturn actually determines the course of destiny in one’s career if posited in a strong angular or a strong trine house and the native then rises very high in life despite hardships, troubles and delay. Saturn brings fortunes late in life. Saturn burns away one’s past sins by putting him in trouble and distress. The most remarkable event happens when the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is posited in the karmic destiny signs like the 5th or the 9th. The 5th house indicates past karmic effects in this life and that is why it is called `Purva Punya Sthana’. The 9th house shows future karmic results. The 5th house stands for creative talent and creative self-expression. The 5th house stands for higher intelligence, higher knowledge and higher inner mind. So Saturn expresses its best qualities if conjoins with Jupiter either in the 5th or in the 9th house and the native gets their best benefit; he then rises to the top just like Rabindra Nath Tagore (Jupiter in the 5th); Boris Pasaternaik (Saturn in the 9th); Edgar Allan Poe (Ketu and Saturn in the 5th); Virginia Woolfe (Saturn and Jupiter in the 5th); John Milton (Jupiter in the 5th) etc.

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