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Saturn creates fortunate and unfortunate comments in life

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Grant Lewi in his book `Astrology for the Millions’ has found out one most important theory by which you can find out your best period in life. According to him, Saturn in the planet of fate and destiny. By making research on its transit movements, he came to the conclusion that transit Saturn when travels from 7th to the 10th house (strongest point in a chart) big political leaders assume their maximum power and earn name and fame during that time. They recede from name and fame when transit Saturn travels from the 1st to the 4th house (weak points in a chart). By the time when transit Saturn comes in the 4th they all fade away completely or death makes their end.

Grant Lewi has applied this theory in the lives of strong men of destiny like Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte-1 Kaiser withelm, Mussolini and Marshal Stalin. He found that most of them fade away as soon as transit Saturn entered the 3rd house and when Saturn entered the 4th house, they became practically ruined.

Jyoti Basu, former Chief Minister of West Bengal was born on 8/7/1914 at 10.50 AM, his Lagna is Virgo. In 1976 when General Election was held, Saturn was placed in his 11th house. This position of Saturn helped him to win over the election and to become a leader of the left-front and to form his ministry.

Netaji Subhash Ch. Bose was born on 23-1-1897 at 12 noon. His Lagna is Aries. He became the President of Indian National Congress in 1938 when Saturn was placed in his 12th house. He did not like Gandhiji’s non-violent movement. He believed that Swaraj could not be had by non-violent means. He said, `Give me blood and I will give you freedom’. Thus he escaped from India and went to Germany in disguise in 1940. He formed his new party `I.N.A.’ with Japanese aid in 1943 and launched his fight with the British Army. But he died in a plane crash on 18-8-1945 when Saturn was in his 3rd house.

Dr. Rajindra Prasad was born on 3.12.1884 at 10.44 A.M. His Lagna is Capricorn. He became the first President of India in 1950 when Saturn was transiting in his 10th house, and continued this post upto 1962 when Saturn moved to the first house.

From the above, you will find that Transit Saturn when travels from the 7th to the 10th house, the native gets the best fortunate results in his life, but starts fading away when transit Saturn enters the first house and completely vanishes when transit Saturn enters his 4th house. But the theory is very effective in the case of political leaders only. In other cases, this theory is not so effective.

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