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Relation of Planets with Human Life

Relation of Planets with Human Life

Dr. Shanker Adawal

If we take Aries as starting point than it is the House of debilitation for the planet Saturn. Saturn, lord of Capricorn and Aquarius will give malefic effect as it is debilitated here. Next is the house, Taurus or Vrishava governed by Shukra or Venus. Shukra or Venus is treated as the lord of Asuras. To get worldly or earthy happiness with pleasure and enjoyment in all respects one will have to come into contact of this planet. Moon is exalted in this house. Thirdly, Gemini is governed by the smallest planet, mercury or Budh, the planet for intelligence Rahu is exalted in this house in this respect.

Next comes Cancer or Karkata which is ruled by the Planet moon. Moon is Matrikaraka. Jupiter lord of Pisces and Sagittarius is exalted in this house in 5 degree. Mars is debilitated in this sign of 28 degree. Leo or Simha is governed by the royal planet Sun. Sun gives one person wealth, good position, well remuneration alongwith royal position either in government or in semi-government institution. Virgo or Kanya is ruled by the smallest planet, Mercury where Venus is debilitated is 27 degree. To bear-in-mind, it can be pointed out that the planet, mercury always locates within 90 degree from the position of Sun. The seventh House from Mesha or Aries is Libra or Tula which is governed by Venus or Sukra. Regarding Venus it can be mentioned that without benevolent influence of it none can get satisfactory result in love affair and conjugal bliss. Saturn is exalted in 20 degree in Libra. Scorpio or Vrishchika is dominated by the planet Mars. Mars dominates on landed properties, vehicles power and it enhances the sexual performances as it is fiery planet. The ninth house from Mesha/Aries is Sagittarius or Dhanus which is governed by the Devaguru Jupiter whose beneficial influence is required in human life. Otherwise, it is not possible to maintain normal activities in daily life. Ketu is exalted possible to maintain normal activities in daily life. Ketu is exalted whereas Rahu is debilitated. On he other hand, it may be mentioned that Rahu and Ketu locate just opposite to 180 degree in the Zodiac which moves clockwise in the Rasi Chart. Next Capricorn or Makara. It is governed by Saturn which is deemed as 10th house from Aries or Mesha. This house is exalted by the marital planet mars. Aquarius is also governed by Saturn, but, Saturn is quite satisfactory in this House. It is the Mool, Trikona or Rahu whereas Ketu is in Leo or Simha. Twelfth or last house in the Zodiac is Pisces or Meena, ruled by Jupiter which is mainly treated as lord of fortune or Soubhagya Karaka Venus is exalted in this House at 27 degrees.

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