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Planets and Profession

Dr. Shanker Adawal

When a horoscope is presented to an astrologer to predict the profession one is likely to choose, he has to study carefully the following in general:-

1. Look for the lord of the Lagna, his position and strength. The nature of the Lagna also must be studied.

2. The position of the lords of the 2nd and 5th houses.

3. Lord of the 10th house, his position and strength.

4. Lord of the Moon-sign is also as important and the 10th from the Moon sign.

5. Planets posited in the 10th house and their nature.

6. Planets aspecting the 10th house also have a say.

7. Strongest planet in the horoscope.

8. Strongest of the triad, i.e., Lagna, Moon-sign, and Sun-sign.

9. Particular Yogas for particular profession.

10. Particular Rajayoga planet, if any.

11. The asterism occupied by the lords of the 10th and Lagna.

12. Navamsa position of the lords of the 10th and Lagna.

The above are the important factors which influence the profession or means of livelihood of a person. I have in my possession some horoscopes of the persons employed in the banks and commercial firms dealing in monies. Some of my relations are also connected with the banks and that is how I became interested in the means of livelihood by counting others’ monies.

As a general finding, I particularly noted the role of Mercury and the lord of the 2nd house. Whenever these two planets combine or aspect each other, a banker is produced. He may start as a clerk in a bank, would reach certainly the high rank of manager, etc., provided, of course, if the lord of Lagna is exalted when a strong Rajayoga is present. Here is a horoscope (Chart No. 1) which is typical of the above combination.

Date of birth 20th March, 1920 at Hydrabad at 4-40 p.m.

Please note in Chart No. 1 the lord of the 2nd is in conjunction with the planet Mercury. In this case, the lord of the 2nd is the Sun and naturally he will be in close proximity of Mercury. But this apart, sees that lord of the 9th is exalted in Lagna. This person started on Rs. 80 per month and today is drawing Rs. 1550 per month. From a clerk, he became a manager of the bank.
I produce here another horoscope (Chart No. 2) with the above combination.
Date of birth 23rd October 923, at 6-15 a.m. at Bangalore

Now in Chart No. 2, please see the position of the lord of the 2nd house Mars, who is posited with Mercury in the 12th house. Lagna is fortified by exalted Saturn in it and Jupiter the top benefic.

In spite of the combination occurring in the 12th house, he rose to the position of a manager in a commercial bank. Mercury too is exalted and perhaps this gave him the elevation.
Now I will produce hereunder some horoscopes where the planet Mercury is being aspected by the lord of the 2nd house or vice versa.

Date of birth 18th September 1937 at 1-5 a.m. at Madras

 In chart No. 3 you will see that Jupiter, who is in his own, the 2nd house, is aspecting the planet Mercury. Lord of the 2nd is quite strong and also see that the lord of Lagna, mars, is in his own house. Thus Lagna is strong and hence the person became the General Manager of a reputed bank. He started on Rs. 120 as clerk. But earning Rs. 20,000 per month.

Here is another horoscope (Chart No. 4) with another type of combination, where the lord of the 10th is aspecting Mercury.

In Chart No. 4 the planet Mercury is placed in the Lagna Meena aspected by Jupiter, the lord of the 10th as well as lord of Lagna and incidentally he is posited in Kanya the sign of Mercury. He rose to the position of a Director of a bank.

Date of birth 26th March 190 at 6.0 a.m. at Bangalore.

 Here is yet another interesting horoscope (Chart No. 5) where a person rose an ordinary position to the rank of Finance Minister of State sometime.

Date of birth 10th September 1910, at 7-50 p.m. at Bombay.

 Observe the position of Mercury, who is in an exalted position along with lord of the 2nd house. Mars, and lord of Lagna, Jupiter.

It is a common knowledge that the native was a Finance Minister for some time in a State. Here again Mercury played a role along with the lord of finances, i.e., the 2nd house. Even the Finance Minister has to keep an account of others’ money!

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