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Planets and Profession

Planets and Profession

Dr. Shanker Adawal

I am giving below professions connected with different planets. The profession of a native may be connected with the planet in the tenth house, eleventh house, ascendant, the tenth lord or the strongest planet in a horoscope. The planet in the Dasamsa ascendant or lord of the house occupied by 10th lord in the Dasamsa chart also indicates the profession of a native.

Sun: Sun indicates government service, bureaucrats, bankers, presidents, politicians, investment banker,s jewelers, theatre owners, doctors if under Jupiter’s influence, C.E.O’s of large organizations etc.

Moon: Naval officers, liquids, chemicals related professions, dairy owners, midwives, traders in pearls and white items, laundry business, shipping magnates, merchant navy, doctors if aspected by Jupiter, trader or dealer in petrol, oil, salt, milk, vegetables etc.

Note: the readers should note that if both the luminaries are under influence of Jupiter, the native may be a doctor of medicine.

Mars: Military, defense and police officials, firemen, metal workers, arms manufacturers, assayers, butchers, iron and steel workers, security gaurds, stone quarry workers, mechanics, engineers, wrestlers, dealers in items made by fire, dictators, dentists, surgeons etc.

Mercury: Astrologers, writers, authors, journalists, computer experts, communication, intellectuals, teaching, transportation, accountants, book keepers, creators, translators, stenographers, stationers, printers, publishers, Radio announcers, telephone operators, journalists, diplomats, dieticians, salesmen, insurance agents, comedians etc.

Jupiter: Lawyer, Judges, astrologers, priests, preachers, bankers, financial experts, investment bankers, income from foreign connections, editors, journalists, research workers, auditing, publishers, advertising agents, woolen merchants, capitalists, shoe manufacturers, jockeys, horse related professions, clergy men etc.

Venus: Beauticians, artists, singers, musicians, traders in jewellary, diamond, poets, cosmeticians, fashion designers, interior decorators, profession connected with hotels, amusement and entertainment industry, painters, photographers, prostitutes, maids, furniture manufacturers, perfume manufacturers, book keepers etc.

Saturn: Miners, farmers, dealers in leather, hide, ice, coal etc., Watch makers, monks, time keepers, underground workers, engineers if connected with the nodes or Mars, in black articles, hair, metal, quarry, fur etc.

Rahu: Engineers, profession connected with electricity, working under foreigners etc. If connected with Moon the nodes can produce a criminal. Rahu also signifies dealers in poison, drugs etc. The native can also be a jailor. It is also similar to Saturn.

Ketu: Ketu makes a native occultists, religious head, translator etc. If connected with second house or Mercury the native will know many languages. It also gives professions similar to that of Mars.

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