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Planets and Occupations

Dr. Shanker Adawal

If planets exert their influence on other departments of life, they do so on the means of livelihood also. This is a natural inference. But in delineating the effects of planets on the source and method of earning, we should not forget the basic principle of astrology that all predictions should be made against the background of the country, the times and hereditary and personal environment of the native.

Why is a child born of a Negro couple dark though there may be the Moon, Jupiter and Venus in the Ascendant? And why a child born of a white couple fair, though Saturn and Rahu be in the 1st house? In India, what was the percentage of higher education among women a hundred years back? And today, tens of thousands of girls are taking degrees and diplomas.

These background circumstances apply to means of livelihood also. In olden times when books on astrology were written, people generally follow their hereditary vocations. A barber’s son followed the barber’s profession and a grocer followed his father’s trade. But the times have changed. A percentage of people is still carrying on the profession or trade of their forefathers, but a large number of people have drifted from hereditary occupations. People are migrating in increasing numbers from the rural areas to the towns and industrial cities. As such, we have to take account of the modern trends. This trend started in Western countries long ago but has been more noticeable in India in the twentieth century.

Before dealing with the rules laid down in the Sanskrit texts, I would like to take a leaf out of the studies of Western astrologers. A book, Profession and Birth Date by Donald A Bradley, published in 1950, has been made a statistical analysis of planetary positions on the birth dates of 2,492 eminent American clergymen. The author has analysed the positions of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. He has also examined the Sun in standard decanate divisions, probabilities of planetary retrogression and of particular planetary aspects. Despite a large number of statistical tables, to my mind, no definite conclusions can be drawn which may hold good and be applicable to all persons. Work has been done by some other Western scholars on the basis of certain degrees in the tropical zodiac which may incline a native in a particular direction, but we are very far from pinpointing that a particular individual would follow a particular profession and earn his livelihood by such a means.

I think a complete horoscope with a chart indicating the planets in various houses can be a more reliable data than mere birth date, where we do not know whether a particular planet would fall in the 8th or the 9th, in the 11th or the 12th. Still certain references are given from An Encyclopedia of Psychological Astrology by Carter.

Medical Ability

Doctors almost invariably have either Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces prominent as well as often the corresponding houses. It is very common to find Venus in aspect to Saturn or in one of the Saturnine signs.

Common degree areas are about 4 degree Cancer and Capricorn and sometimes the same parts of Aries and Libra, while the corresponding degrees of Virgo and Pisces appear owing to their connection with dietetics, 22 degree of the negatives signs seem to be degrees of sympathy and befriending, the exact nature of the feeling being decided by the sign involved in each case. From 18 to about 22 degree Leo and Aquarius are often found to be tenanted.


Ability for this arises from a strong Mercury and Gemini influence and seems particularly connected with the middle of the sign rather than the beginning or the end. Other degree-areas that obtain very commonly are 25 degree Cancer which appears connected with romance; 25 degree Aries and Libra, idealism’ 25 degree Sagittarius, sketches from life and 27 degree Taurus and Scorpio, realism. In nearly all imaginative literature, the creative power is shown by planets in Cancer or by the prominent Moon.”
Since the above two declinations have been taken from Carter’s book, the degrees and signs should be taken as in the tropical zodiac. More interest readers are referred to the book itself.

The Wheel or Life or scientific astrology by Maurice Wemyss, Volume II and III, deals with professions and occupations and gives certain zodiacal degrees for particular profession in alphabetical order. It is not possible to compass the contents of these two volumes within the limited space of an article, but only two excerpts are given to acquaint readers with the type of description.

Iron Masters and Iron Merchants

Inaminate matter comes under the dominion of Gemini and Sagittarius. The form of matter, i.e., whether solid, gaseous, electric, crystalline or in transition, is indicated by sub-blends, of 17 degree Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius-Leo, Pisces-Virgo, Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius respectively. In considering iron, to what might be termed its quality, our attention must be directed. Its quality is that of a metal and metallic substances are indicated by blend of Aries-Libra, Mars and Neptune, more particularly the region of Aries-Libra 15 degree 20 degree. Among metals, the blend indicating iron and steel appears to be approximately. Taurus-Scorpio 9 degree, Venus and Herschel.
I have, however, my own doubts whether the above rules can be universally applied. According to Hindu astrology, Saturn, who rules iron, must be prominent and strong.

Here again the difficulty is whether all people having strong Saturn would incline them to the profession of iron and steel. Saturn is a karaka (significator) for so many things. The native may follow any of the profession which fail in the province of Saturn.

Take another examples from the same book.

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