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Planets and Occupations of Doctors, Surgeons and Nurses Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Ptolemy, in his Tetrabiblos, states that “should Mercury and Mars together be lords of employment, persons will become statuaries, amour makers, sculptors, modelers of animals, wrestlers, surgeons, spies or informers, adulterers, busy in crime and forgers” and when “Venus and Mars exercise dominion together, persons will become dyers, dealers in unguents and perfumes, workers in tin, lead, gold and silver, mock combatants or dancers in armours, dealers in medical drugs, agriculturists and physicians healing by means of medicine-truly a wide range of occupations for the martian to choose from.

A study of degree influences, however, leads to a more precise understanding of the conditions in which Mars denotes the surgeon or the doctor.

The first point to observe is that the purpose of the surgeon, doctor and the nurse is to heal. Healing is particularly indicated by Taurus-Scorpio 6 degree to Herschel plus Aquarius-Leo 23 degree, Jupiter Taurus-Scorpio 6 degree – very peculiar degrees. They are present in the horoscopes of occultists, of healers and (combined with Cancer-Capricorn 8 degree afflicted) of criminals. They denote that which is slippery; and there is, perhaps, no more perfect symbol for them than the symbol of serpent.

Added to these influences the surgeon has Aries-Libra 2 degree Mars-Neptune combined with Mercury indicating the means which he takes to heal, namely, by manipulation, probing and cutting.

Aquarius-Leo 23 degree are degrees of sympathy or feeling with others- an outflowing or outpouring from the self.

The physician has a blend of Aries-Libra 13 degree mars-Neptune. These degrees particularly indicate food and energy and are combined with other degrees especially Pisces-Virgo 7 degree to indicate dietetics and pharmacy. Aries-Libra 7 degree of life and death are also frequently met within the horoscopes of doctors.

The Hindu method of indicating profession is different. A profession or means of earning a livelihood may be determined by the houses or planets which are prominent in a horoscope.

If the 1st is strong, the native would earn by his personal efforts. If the 2nd is strong, articles of food or speech would play a prominent part. The 3rd would indicate service, some connection with brethren, writings and short travels. The 4th effect would be lands and properties. The 5th has reference to learning, counsel, children, speculation, games of chance. The 6th would indicate service, labour, professions connected with sickness. The 7th would indicate partnership, husband or wife, travelling, etc. The 8th should indicate legacy, imports, exports, etc. The 9th indication would be contact with foreigners, foreign lands, law, religion, etc. The 10th is the house of profession and the nature of profession may be indicated by the lord of the 10th and the nature of planet or planets occupying or aspecting the 10th. The 11th is the house of gain or income and planets occupying or aspecting this house would bring in money according to the planet occupying or aspecting it. The 12th is connected with places of confinement and distant lands.

This is only an outline and does not cover the various matters falling in the province of each house. In India, among the middle and higher classes, it is the male member who earns. The women and children, until the latter starts a career, are dependent on the male member for their livelihood. Good or bad luck of the wife may be reflected on the husband but as far as Yogas for earning are concerned, they remain in cold storage.

Whatever be the planetary positions, millions of people in rural or industrial sectors work as labourers. Millions of housewives work in that capacity and their means of livelihood is dependent on their husbands, sons or brothers. It is useless to examine or analyse their horoscope. Horoscopes of only those persons should be examined who have an option to follow profession and in such cases the significance of the house and planet prominent in the chart will reveal the ability to earn in a particular manner.

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