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Planets and Occupations of Doctors, Surgeons and Nurses Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

Benham has written a separate book on palmistry, dealing with vocations, but here I do not want to drift from the field of astrology to palmistry.

I have my own doubts, if without knowing the background or qualifications, any astrological rules will pinpoint the profession and means of livelihood. Besides, the means of livelihood can be grouped under the following heads:-

(i) Dependence on others, (ii) agriculture, (iii) landed estates and immovable properties-rents from buildings, (iv) through educational talents, (v) service, (vi) through partnership business, (vii) through legacy or inheritance, (iii) through religious sources, (ix) trade and commerce, etc.

Signs tenanted by particular planets also play and important part. Virgo represents analytical equipment or parts and a client of mine with Capricorn ascending and Saturn exalted in the 10th and Venus, Yogakaraka, in the 9th in Virgo deals in motor parts. Each sign represents so many things and the astrologer is confronted with the problem of selectivity.

But that does not mean that an astrologer cannot be useful to a client in tendering advice. Suppose a lawyer puts up his birth chart before an astrologer and seeks his advice whether he can be successful in civil cases or criminal cases. Now the astrologer has to decide whether Mars is stronger or Jupiter. Mars would indicate criminal cases and Jupiter civil ones.

Or take another example. It a client puts the question whether he should start a business in partnership for earning a livelihood. If the 7th is afflicted, partnership business should not be advised.

Middle Eastern astrologers regard the 3rd and the 6th also as houses of service. People born in fixed signs are of sedentary habits and cannot be successful as salesman which requires movement. In any cases, Mercury should be strong. Talking of Mercury, we know that it is necessary to have this planet strong for doctors, lawyers, brokers, middle men, commission agents, etc. A strong Venus may give success in articles of fashion, scents, goods and commodities patronized by women, etc. In this way, the significance of planet should be applied and the resultant inferences drawn.

Another question that poses itself is whether a person would have the same source of livelihood throughout his life. Many persons start their career in service and later do tremendously well in their own business. For example, Sethi Ram Krishna Dalmia entered the career of service, but later  relinquished it and entered business and rose to dizzy heights.

Or take the example of our former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Till 1964, she was economically dependent on her father and lived with him as a part of his family. In 1964 she entered service and her present source of livelihood can be described as her personal earning – the salary drawn as Prime Minister, and the inheritance. In her case, there has been no significant change of Mahadasa and if events were not known, how could be predict as regards the means of livelihood before 1964 and after?

Many eminent lawyers are selected to the Bench. As lawyers, they earn by their profession. When they join the Beach they have salaries. If we examine these cases, in some cases we may find a significant change in Mahadasa, a particular stage in life; in others we may not.

Nor, in finding means of livelihood, can we make a distinction between salary and pension? Many retired servants enter business but most of them either enter private service or live on pension and savings (interest) or on rent of buildings they own or have built. In such cases, the astrologer has to determine on the basis of the Mahadasa current, whether continuity in the career of service is indicated or the 2nd house is strong (in case of income from interest) or the 4th fortified (in the case of income from rent or agricultural income).

I do not advocate that the Yogas as given in texts (conjunction or aspects of planets) would fit in all cases. Still, it would be relevant to refer to some of them here.

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