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Conjunction of Planets

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. The Sun and the Moon together-manufacturer of machines and instruments.

2. The Sun and Mars-doer of cruel acts; live hood through such actions.

3. The Sun and Jupiter-in the employ of others.

4. The Sun and Venus-engaged in film, theatre, etc., in arms and weapons.

5. The Sun, and Saturn-metallurgy or manufacture of utensils of metals and alloys.

6. The Moon and Mars-liquors or fermented liquids.

7. The Moon and Venus-trade of cloth.

In this way, certain kinds of employment have been indicated, I am not giving the full list for want of space. Those interested, may refer to Chapter XIV of Brihat Jataka or other standard works on Hindu astrology.

But what I would like to emphasise is that in practice it is very difficult to rely on these dicta and declare that the native would follow a particular profession and earn his livelihood. For example Brihat Jataka, Chapter XVI, Sloka 14, states, that if the Sun is in Taurus, the native earns his livelihood by dealing in cloth, scents or running a shop. Now roughly one-twelfth of the human population has the Sun in Taurus, but their means of livelihood is not what is indicated here. Or take another example: According to Brihat Jataka, Chapter XV, Sloka 16, if the Sun is in Libra, the native is a `Shaundika’. The word in Sanskrit has two meanings, (1) living (earning livelihood) as a dealer in wine, and (2) in a profession connected with elephants. Here also the same argument would apply as to how far we shall be realistic and correct if we predict either of the above means of livelihood merely on the basis of the Sun in Libra.

Such examples can be multiplied not only from Brihat Jataka but from other Sanskrit texts also.
Many readers would feel that my article has more a negative approach than a positive one. But My difficulty is that I do not want to present a rosy picture before the readers emphasizing that the means of livelihood can be predicted with accuracy. I remember to have read in a book that George III and a blacksmith’s son were born on the same date and at the same time. Both were born in the same locality. Many important events synchronized. For example, on the date of king ascended the throne the blacksmith’s son opened a new shop, Both died on the same day. They had identical birth charts but while, one earned his livelihood by blacksmith’s profession, the other lived as a king. How widely apart were their means of livelihood?

I would, however, add that if some back-ground of the native is known, that may be helpful in prediction. Benefic planets in the 1st, the 2nd and the 11th bring money through sources for which the planets are significators.

I have found that people with Scorpio rising or with the Moon in Scorpio generally enter the career of service.

I have also observed that benefics in the 11th gain money by above board methods, while malefic in the 11th indicate money by underhand means.

In judging the means of livelihood, I would recommend attaching greatest weight to planets which tenant the 1st, the 2nd, the 9th, the 10th and the 11th. The houses and signs have their own significance, and they have also to be looked into. But to indicate the exact means of livelihood, depends upon blending of influences and there too it would be very difficult to predict with exactitude. You may say a man would be an engineer, but whether a civil, mechanical, electrical, metallurgical or a textile engineer will depend upon he planet which is prominent.

If I have not made positive assertions that means of livelihood can always be predicted with precision. It is on account of the practical difficulties in doing so and then we have to realize and appreciate the limitations of astrology and of the astrologer.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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